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Add a VoIP to Directway connection
Phone calls with Directway. Read all about our VoIP product line.

Mobile - Directway Internet
Install a mobile satelite Internet dish on your RV or other vehicle.

HughesNet High-Speed Satelite Internet Solution
With satelite Internet Access the rural areas without cable or DSL service are able to support almost any kind of business.

Compare Satellite  Internet platforms
Compare our satellite Internet platforms DW6000 and DW4000 platforms.

Direcway Internet via satelite for trader
We successfully installed Internet via satelite system for a customer who is trading on the stock markets, under the bright light of the African sky.

Satelite Internet -HughesNet connection in Caribbean 
By utilizing Directway system, satelite Internet connection was made available throughout the cottage and garden, thus providing a true home working ability.

With Directway Internet service no need to keep your phone busy

With [ Directway 2-Way satellite ] connection, you won't tie up your primary phone line or need to install an expensive second line for your Internet connection. JD Power gave DirectWay satelite internet a #1 Ranking Among Cable and Satellite Providers for Customer Satisfaction. Our direcway satelite internet provider is one of the highest rated providers/marketers of sat products and services to homes in the USA

DirecWay Internet via satellite Home Edition provides premium performance at a value price. The HughesNet satellite Internet service is versatile enough to be used in your store, small office, or home office and ideal for families and teleworkers. With DirecWay ® , your super-fast, always-on, satellite Internet access is ready when you are no dialing in, no waiting and no tied-up phone lines. You can download files in seconds, check email instantly and surf faster than you ever imagined. You can even network multiple computers.* There's no software to load and DirectWay is compatible with Windows and Mac, so getting online anywhere in the contiguous U.S. is easy!

DirectWay EMAIL DEFENSE offers improved anti-spam and virus protection for all direcway email accounts. Email Defense protects all DIRECWay mail accounts against unwanted emails (spam) and other email security threats. Email Defense is free and included with every DirecWay mail account. It uses state-of-the-art technology including stacked layered filters, anti-virus engines, and fraud protection systems to screen both inbound and outbound email messages. DirectWay web Email blocks:
Unwanted email (spam) and ensures subscribers receive the email they want
Email viruses, worms and other types of email security threats
This added protection for DirecWay email accounts does not protect subscribers from security threats originating from other sources than DIRECWay email accounts. Subscribers should use other types of anti-virus and malicious content blocking protection available commercially, so their computers are fully protected.

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We understand your fast-paced world and have designed a Satellite Internet solution with you in mind - HughesNet.

Bringing convenience of satellite Internet directly to you - Directway !

We provide Directway Internet solution to help your business grow and prosper - no matter where you live!

Hotspots the HughesNet(DirectWay)

When you're at a hotspot, you can rest assured that the high-speed connection going from the access point out to the Internet is a T1 line, DSL, or a cable modem. Hughes Network Systems (HNS) of Germantown, Maryland -- makers of the satellite systems for DirecTV and the broadband system called DirecWay -- wants to make sure easy-to-install satellite is getting its due.
While the company previously announced a service to bring Wi-Fi to remote recreational vehicle (RV) parks, today it said any venue looking to provide Wi-Fi access to patrons should consider their new solution, called DirecWay Wi-Fi Access. While the company release calls it a "solution for the enterprise market," the system is actually meant for traditional hotspot venues (restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc.), not for large corporations. The system is simply a new application of the same infrastructure they've always had.
"At the venue site, you need a satellite dish, a terminal, and a smart access point. Our solution lets them do this as a standalone public access hotspot or in combination with a network for business.Hughes will take care of the full installation of the system, including hooking it to any existing LAN the venue might have.


Directway for your small business or medium business
High-performance satelite Internet access to meet the demands of government, teleworkers, franchises or retail outlets.

Satelite - Internet Provider for Enterprise
Check reliable, convenient, high-speed satelite Internet service for schools, hospitals, large institutions and enterprises.

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