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Siruis aims to overtake XM Satellite Radio Holdings which has more than 2.5 million subscribers, as the leader in satellite radio. Stern's five-year deal, which will pay him $500 million, begins in 2006 after his contract expires with Viacom's Infinity Broadcasting. The 50-year-old talk show host will move from free over-the-air broadcasts to regulation-free satellite service, and SIRUIS hopes his listeners will too--all 10 million of them.

Howard with siruis radio boombox

S50 siruis

s50 siruis radio

Siruis Satellite Radio has unveiled a new portable music player called the S50, which is designed not only to store MP3 files from a PC, but also to store the Siruis's programming aswell. Users of the new s50 portable music devices can record and play to 50 hours of satellite radio programming or music files.

Siruis s50 measures 1.9in x 3.9in x 0.7in and has a colour display with voice-assited channel navigation. Sirius is hoping to make a dent in the digital music market that is currently dominated by the iPod music player owned by Apple Computers. s50 sells for $359 (including car dock). The player has different sections where different types odf audio will be stored and can be then played back from.

SRX-3 Siruis TriplePlay Radio, tailored to the needs of the custom installer dealer base and high-end audio
 or home theater enthusiast, is designed to be integrated into a multiroom, multizone audio
 distribution system.

Antex Siruis SRX-3 Radio

Antex Siruis TriplePlay SRX-3 Satellite Radio

Starmate ST1 Siruis

 siruis starmate radio

Siruis ST1 - compact, lightweight tuner provides you with access to more than 60 channels of music, as well as more than 50 channels of sports, news and entertainment. With 30 station presets, finding your favorite channel is a breeze. When you hear something you really enjoy, the Starmate can save up to 20 titles and artists, so it's easy to remember the name of that hot new song. A car docking kit is included, allowing you to enjoy the diversity of Sirius satellite radio while you're on the road.

The Starmate Replay’s ultra-compact design has been specifically tailored to fit the interior of vehicles. This design allows for a large wide-screen display that provides the ability to view longer artist names and song titles and up to 5 lines of text. This siruis Plug & Play radio features exciting options including the 44-minute replay capability and the SIRIUS-Seek, which includes alerts of up to 30 artist names and/or song title combinations. Starmate Replay adds features such as Game Alert, Jump and the ability to preview other channels that are normally found in higher priced products.


Kenwood KTC-H2A1 Siruis Satellite Tuner

Kenwood Here2Anywhere
 radio tuner is an excellent
 solution for the SIRUIS
 Satellite Radio user
 who wants to enjoy the service
 both in the car and the home.

Tivoli Audio, makers of the popular
 Model One radio, has the 
TIVOLI AUDIO Siruis radio, which
 combines the looks and performance
 of the Model One with a Siruis satellite

Siruis Kenwood DT-7000S

The sleek Kenwood DT-7000S
 brings Siruis satellite radio
 to your home and connects
 directly to your stereo
 system--whether that be
 a receiver, a shelf system, or
 a pair of powered speakers. 

Blaupunkt SR04 tuner unit is
 so small and so easy to carry, that
 it quickly becomes part of your
 home and car life style.

Blaupunkt America SR04 Receiver


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