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The lowest Direcway prices - affordable satellite internet - direcway


Add a VoIP to Direcway connection
Phone calls with Direcway. Read all about our VoIP product line.

Mobile - Direcway Internet
Install a mobile satelite Internet dish on your RV or other vehicle.

Direcway High-Speed Satelite Internet Solution
With satelite Internet Access the rural areas without cable or DSL service are able to support almost any kind of business.

Compare DiRECWAY  Internet platforms
Compare our satellite Internet platforms Direcway DW6000 and DW4000.

Direcway Internet via satelite for trader
We successfully installed Internet via satelite system for a customer who is trading on the stock markets, under the bright light of the African sky.

Satelite Internet - Direcway connection in Caribbean 
By utilizing Direcway system, satelite Internet connection was made available throughout the cottage and garden, thus providing a true home working ability.

DIRECWAY is a family of broadband satellite solutions brought to you by Hughes Network Systems (HNS), the global market leader in providing satellite products and services to enterprises, government, and consumers. DIRECWAY satisfies the increasing demand for bandwidth by offering a variety of high-speed multimedia hardware, software, and service solutions.

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 Broadband direcway satellite Internet access has never been faster, cheaper or better

DirecWAY Satellite Internet with an edge for small office/home office.

DiRECWAY Internet via satellite Home Edition provides premium performance at a value price. The Direcway satellite Internet service is versatile enough to be used in your store, small office, or home office and ideal for families and teleworkers.

With Direcway Internet service no need to keep your phone busy

With a 2-Way satellite connection, you won't tie up your primary phone line or need to install an expensive second line for your Internet connection.


Get satellite Internet
 connection with

We understand your fast-paced world and have designed a Satellite Internet solution with you in mind - Direcway.

Bringing convenience of satellite Internet directly to you - Direcway !

We provide Direcway Internet solution to help your business grow and prosper - no matter where you live!


Direcway for your small business or medium business
High-performance satelite Internet access to meet the demands of government, teleworkers, franchises or retail outlets.

Direcway Satelite - Internet Provider for Enterprise
Check reliable, convenient, high-speed satelite Internet service for schools, hospitals, large institutions and enterprises.

Learn more about DW4020 - Direcway Internet modem 
A plug-and-play solution for networking your Direcway satellite connection.

More info about DW4000 - Direcway Solution modem
Delivers the speed, security, ubiquity and scalability of Direcway broadband by satellite at a surprisingly affordable price.

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