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 DirecWay™ - Bringing Low-Cost Telephony to a Wide Range of Markets

The DW6040 Voice Appliance is a state-of-theart telephony device that provides efficient telephone and fax connectivity via the DIRECWAY® network. The DW6040 is an excellent solution for enterprise or rural telephony markets where reliable low-cost telephone service is needed.  The DW6040 provides up to four toll-quality telephone or Group 3 facsimile channels via satellite to the PSTN or, optionally, to a Voice over IP (VoIP) network.

The DW6040 is a simple add on to the DIRECWAY terminal, which provides the transport for carrying telephony traffic via satellite to the DIRECWAY NOC. A voice gateway at the NOC provides connectivity to the PSTN. The standard H.323 protocol suite is used between the DW 6040 and the gateway for call setup and teardown. The  DW6040 Voice Appliance offers superior telephony quality using the G.729a 8 Kbps voice codec with echo cancellation, voice activity detection, and comfort noise generation. Facsimile calls are supported using the T.38 fax over IP protocol to rates of 9.6 Kbps. The DW6040 voice appliance also supports a flexible dialing plan.

DW6040 Voice Appliance provides telephone access via the DIRECWAY network

The service is delivered via a terminal adaptor that is added between the equipment Hughes already provides for data and the phone. The terminal adaptor plugs into the Hughes satellite transmitter/receiver on one side and into a standard analog phone on the other. Both boxes are provided by Hughes, which includes proprietary technology to give voice traffic priority over data to ensure good voice quality.

Voice is transmitted using the G.729 codec, which reduces the voice bandwidth to about 12 kilobits per second, Hughes says. Calls made over the service from Africa, the Middle East or Europe are transmitted via Eutelsat W1 or Panamsat >= 10 and aggregated at Hughes' network operating center in Griesheim, Germany. From there they are terminated via the Net2Phone network. We haves a similar setup for the Americas.

The DW6040 is optimized for use with the DIRECWAY system. As each call is initiated, the DW6040 automatically reserves bandwidth through the DIRECWAY system and the associated voice stream is prioritized to ensure end-to-end toll-quality transmission of the call. The DIRECWAY system also facilitates short call setup times – typically less than four seconds and low end-to-end delay. Transmission efficiency is improved by compressing the voice packets. The DIRECWAY NOC equipment routes the voice calls to the PSTN via an H.323 voice gateway. The voice gateway performs the conversion from the H.323 protocol and the PSTN signaling. The voice gateway provides an E1interface to the PSTN. Multiple voice gateways may be configured at the NOC. A gatekeeper provides the address resolution between the DW6040 and multiple voice gateways.

The DW6040 is managed by the HNS Vision® Network Management System (NMS), which provides monitoring and control of the voice appliance, as well as the DIRECWAY terminal. Downloads of software and configuration parameters are also performed by the NMS.
  Technical Specifications Direcway DW6040  
  Key System Features
   Toll-quality voice optimized for satellite transmission
   Group 3 facsimile to 9.6 Kbps
   Short call setup time - typically 4 seconds or less Systems
   Low end-to-end voice delay
   Flexible dial plan
   Easy installation and commisssioning
   Low power, high reliability
  Voice Appliance:
    One to four telephony ports
    Connects to the DIRECWAY terminal via LAN port
    H.323 call agent optimized for the DIRECWAY system
    Group 3 fax up to 9600 bps
    DTMF, dial-pulse
  Voice/Fax Features:
   Toll-quality 8 kbps CS-ACELP (G.729a)
   G.165/G.168 echo cancellation
   Voice activity detection
   Comfort noise generation
   T.38 fax over IP
   Pay telephone support: loop reversal, 16 kHz metering pulse (optional)
   Configuration, Status, & Commissioning:
   Uses HNS Vision Network Management System
   SNMP management of voice appliance, PSTN gateway
   Satellite download of VAP configuration and software
   PSTN Gateway:
   Implements standard H.323 protocol
   E1 Interface to PSTN
   Digital R2 signaling (other protocols available)
   Flexible call routing
   One 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port
   One to four FXS 2-wire telephone ports
   Input Power
   90-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz
   24 V DC option
  Mechanical & Environmental
    Shipping Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
    Dimensions: 9.5"w x 1.8"h x 10.5" d
     (24 cm x 4.6cm x 26.7cm)
    0 Celsious to +40 Celsious, RH 95 % noncondensing

Are you sick of paying exorbitant amounts to call Wisconsin, Macedonia, or Middle East?

The new service is designed to provide long distance IP voice services to remote and underserved areas of the world, enabling end users to place calls anywhere in the world at competitive prices. The end users are expected to be enterprises, and providers of voice and data services to the public, such as Internet cafes and kiosks.

Net2Phone's VoIP telephony interface has been folded into HNS' DW 6040 voice applianceVoIP Soft Phone terminal. The device enables subscribers of HNS' Direcway service to access Net2Phone's international long-distance service.

Previous satellite telephony systems delivered spotty performance because systems couldn't differentiate between voice and data packets. But this offering identifies voice packets and sends them over the networks first. It will be sold as an add-on and is expected to be popular in remote areas in North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and other markets where land-based telecommunications and Internet infrastructure is under-developed.

The product will costs approximately $400 US for a four-port router. HNS collaboration with Net2Phone extends the reach of affordable VoIP international calling worldwide, wherever there is satellite coverage. Net2Phone's core competency has always been to layer voice over data networks. Satellite, especially in conjunction with new DIRECWAY voice appliance, is the next frontier in data networks that can be powered with voice. 


DIRECWAY® VoIP—cost-effective voice services to keep you connected.

With its ability to extend and change the boundaries of global competition, the Internet has delivered a communications revolution that has transformed lives and business across the world.

Paving the way, Hughes Network Systems has developed DIRECWAY® VoIP, a service designed to let customers ride the waves of change and leverage greater benefit from their broadband connection.

DIRECWAY VoIP enables you to use a standard telephone with a DIRECWAY satellite Internet connection to make and receive phone calls all around the world at incredibly competitive rates.

With DIRECWAY VoIP, you can benefit from fast, high-quality, low-cost voice and Internet connectivity with superior performance at every location, regardless of the availability or quality of the local telecommunications infrastructure.

DW6040 Voice Over IP

Make voice calls while you surf

With DIRECWAY VoIP, you can surf, send and receive emails, download files and make a voice call, all at the same time.

Every time you make or receive a call, software converts your speech into digital information that is sent via the Internet. This is known as Internet telephony or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). When that information nears its destination, it is converted back to speech—so it is just like a normal phone call! As the bandwidth you are using can deliver both Internet and voice traffic, sophisticated networking tools ensure that all your voice calls are given prioritised bandwidth access over other Internet traffic.

Communicate anywhere, anytime with DIRECWAY VoIPVoice Over IP

Regardless of the country in which you set up your DIRECWAY VoIP account, when someone dials your DIRECWAY phone number, your phone will ring. For example, all numbers are local U.S. numbers, so should you set up your service in Spain, when someone dials your phone number, it rings at your home in Spain.

VoIP Net2PhonePowered by Net2Phone, a market leader in the provision of Internet telephony services, DIRECWAY VoIP allows you to take advantage of market-competitive rates for all your calls. In addition, as calls are routed over the Internet before breaking out onto the traditional fixed network, call costs are often less than if the call had originated and remained on a traditional telephone network.

Access your account online

There are no bills and no contracts for the DIRECWAY VoIP service—you simply increase your talk time as and when you like. All you pay is a monthly line rental fee and whenever you need to increase your credit balance to make calls, simply contact your dealer who will arrange prepaid credit for your account.

For complete control, you will also be given access to a secure on-line portal where you can check your account at any time of the day to:

  • Get up-to-date account balancesDW6040
  • View itemised call records
  • Check call rates applicable to your account

DIRECWAY benefits

  • Combined Internet and telephony access—all from a single provider
  • Full control of your phone costs through a secure on-line portal to access and manage your account at any time
  • Make voice calls and access the Internet at the same time

DIRECWAY VoIP is the right choice if

  • You cannot get a terrestrial land line installation

  • You cannot get mobile phone coverage in your area


Whether you are new to DIRECWAY or an existing user, DIRECWAY VoIP can be ordered through any one of our partners, who will provide the necessary equipment and professional services to install and configure your connection.

For existing DIRECWAY users, a DW6040 voice appliance will be installed and configured with your existing terminal. Registration for a dedicated U.S. local phone number and secure user account is all that is then needed to get your broadband connection voice enabled.

For new users, simply sign up to one of four DIRECWAY broadband Internet access service plans with your local dealer. Each plan is designed to suit a range of user needs from the individual home user or teleworker, through to multi-user, multi-site businesses. A remote terminal, antenna and a DW6040 voice appliance will be provisioned along with your telephone account.

Included with every account is a pre-defined set credit, so once your line is professionally installed and this is configured, you simply plug your telephone into the DW6040 and make your first call! If you need a higher credit balance, simply request additional credit at time of purchase.

VoIP Cisco IP Phone
Cisco IP Phone

   DIRECWAY VoIP (DW6040) - Frequently Asked Questions:

VoIP IP videophone
IP Videophone

   DIRECWAY VoIP (DW6040) FAQ - Answers:

Will DIRECWAY VoIP work with my existing DW6000 or DW4020 system?

DIRECWAY VoIP comprises a voice appliance known as the DW6040. The DW6040 is designed and optimized to work with the DW6000 and the DW4020 Internet access terminals. If you have any other DIRECWAY system, speak to your dealer about upgrade options.
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Can I sign up to the service and use a PC client instead of an analogue phone and the DW6040 to connect to my DW6000/DW4020?

No, the service is designed and optimized to work with the DW6040 and provides constant bit rate support to ensure voice traffic is prioritized over other data traffic. PC client software is not available and is not currently supported.
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Is a specific grade of service plan needed for DIRECWAY VoIP?

All existing service plans from HNSE will support voice over IP.
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Is there a minimum contract term?

DIRECWAY VoIP is a pay as you go service and therefore does not have a minimum term. However, enrollment in one of four Internet access plans is a prerequisite for our voice service and these plans do have minimum terms.
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Can I have more than one telephone number?

The DIRECWAY service currently provides one number per service plan.
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Can I install the DW6040 myself?

No, professional installation is required for all DIRECWAY products.
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Is DIRECWAY VoIP available where I live?

Designed for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) customers, service is available in most countries. Check with your dealer for service availability.
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Do I need a special telephone and is this provided?

A normal analogue telephone with RJ11 connector as used with a land line is all that is required. Telephones are not supplied as part of this service.
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How do I add funds to my account?

Contact your local DIRECWAY VoIP dealer to request credits to your account.
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Can I use a fax with this service?

Facsimile is not currently supported with this service.
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Can I dial national emergency numbers?

National numbers cannot be dialed directly as your telephone line is registered as a US number. 911, 999 and other emergency numbers cannot be dialed direct. Customers are advised to make a note of local emergency numbers, including country and area codes, in advance and post these numbers next to the telephone.
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Can I dial operator services?

Customers are advised to make a note of local operator numbers for easy reference. Note that these calls will be billed at the applicable rates.
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How quickly can I get additional call credits?

Once payment is made to the dealer, additional call credits will be made available instantly. You will be provided with a single use recharge number, which you use to update your account online.
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Can I sign up to the DIRECWAY VoIP service and supply my own equivalent of the DW6040?

No, the DW6040 is optimised for the DIRECWAY service and provides constant bit rate support to ensure quality of service. Voice appliances from third parties are not supported.
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How often are call records updated on my account?

Call records are updated in real time. Once you have completed a call, your online account will reflect this.
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How do I check my balance?

Each user account is provided with a secure log-on i.d. to access account details online. You can view balances, call records and check call tariff tables.
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Can I make voice calls whilst using the Internet for email, surfing or downloading files?

Yes, voice calls are given guaranteed priority over other uses to ensure consistent quality of service is available required to make a telephone call.
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Can I have a local telephone number?

No, the numbers provided are US telephone numbers.
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I live in Europe. If I have a US local number, should a friend call from Europe, he has to make and pay for an international call. Is this correct?

The first leg of the call will be based on applicable tariff tables from the country of origin to the US. The last leg from the US to the destination number will be charged as a local call.
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Can I call mobiles?

Land lines, as well as mobiles, can be called and are subject to applicable rate tables available from your dealer.
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Can I make calls to other DIRECWAY VoIP users?

Yes. Calls made between DIRECWAY VoIP customers are charged at a set rate. See tariff tables for more information.
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I heard that delay is inherent in satellite communications. Surely this will affect the quality of any voice call?

e calls on a traditional network typically experience approximate delays of 100-200ms end to end. Satellites are geostationary above the earth, and therefore, incur a delay of approximately 500ms end to end. The one-way delay is about the same as the delay experienced with a mobile phone.
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Some service providers only provide a one-way service—for outgoing calls. Is this service the same?

DIRECWAY VoIP is a two-way service, so both outgoing and incoming calls can be made and received respectively.
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Who provides the service?

DIRECWAY VoIP is provided by Hughes Network Systems Europe and is powered by Net2Phone. DIRECWAY is a family of broadband satellite solutions from Hughes Network Systems and through integration with Net2Phone technology, DIRECWAY VoIP allows users to make and receive voice calls over the Internet. Net2Phone are a provider of low-cost, highquality voice over IP services. Recognized as the first company to bridge the Internet with the public switched telephone network,

Net2Phone currently routes millions of minutes daily over data networks, saving consumers and businesses up to 90% off traditional long distance rates.
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I want to set up an account. How long does it take to set up?

If you are new to DIRECWAY, simply sign up to one of four Internet access service plans to suit your needs, as well as the DIRECWAY VoIP Service. When you've completed your registration, your dealer will arrange a convenient time and date to install and configure your service. Typically, an average installation can be within 7 – 10 working days. For exact installation times, contact your local dealer.
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What support is available?

For any support issues or queries relating to service such as billing or Internet access, contact your dealer in the first instance. They will remain your primary contact throughout the resolution process.
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