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Globalstar gsp 1700 satellite phone

The GSP 1700 satellite mobile phone is Globalstar's smallest satphone to date, weighing just 7.1 oz (203 g) and 43 percent smaller by volume. zoom in globalstar 1700

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Most satellite phones are gigantic, brick-like devices that barely resemble a cell phone. But Globalstar is changing all of that with its new GSP 1700 mobile satellite phone. The GSP-1700 is the world's smallest, lightest handset for use on a global satellite network, and operates in more than 120 countries and 6 continents around the world. It does, however, look kinda dorky with the antenna up. Features include a lithium-ion battery (good for 4 hours of talk time and 36 hours of standby time), a five-mode color display, support for 6 operating languages and is available in 3 faceplate colors.

Introducing the GSP-1700, the smallest, lightest Globalstar satellite handset from Quallcom. Its convenient size and increased functionality makes it a must have communication tool wherever your business or leisure pursuits take you.

Checking in with camp personnel
using a GLOBALSTAR satellite phone. zoom in Qualcomm gsp 1700 Globalstar

The Globalstar phone offers an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for hand-held operation. The phone measures 225cc in total volume and weighs 200 grams (including battery). The height is 135 mm, the width is 55 mm and the thickness is 37 mm. The antenna, when held in a vertical position, communicates with the Globalstar satellite at elevations more than 10 degrees above the horizon. The Globalstar antenna rotates and stows into the handset for convenience when not in use. The GSP-1700 also stays loaded for four hours of talk time and 36 hours of standby time on a single charge.

Your business may not operate like others. Whether your worksite is a forest, oilfield, ocean, or any one of the number of geographic areas in Canada not serviced by cellular or landline coverage, Globalstar can take you virtually wherever your business goes. Globalstar satellite solutions allow remote users to access communications and information wirelessly, via the extensive Globalstar satellite network. A variety of applications (Email, Internet and Intranet access, Voice communication, Asset Tracking, Fax, Remote Monitoring), SMS are available to help industry users increase productivity, from their remote worksites.

Motorola Satellite Phones

The Globalstar antenna rotates and stows into
the handset GSP-1700zoom

Six years ago we spent two weeks using an Iridium satellite phone, from urban rooftops in Toronto and Vanocuver, suburban backyards, and rural farmlands in Saskatchewan. Motorola 9500 weighs 16.5 ounces, runs for two hours of talk time on a lithium-ion battery (16 hours in standby mode), and has the dimensions of a small shoe. With the antenna fully extended, the phone doubles in length. You can't fit this phone in your pocket, but then again, no other phone this small gives you global, albeit finicky, coverage.

Call quality is extremely sensitive to any obstructions between the phone's antenna and the satellite overhead. The phone does best on country roads, flat terrain, hilltops, and farm fields. Calls made in rural Saskatchewan were completed successfully and didn't drop. Even driving 50 miles an hour along rural back roads, we were able to keep a lock on the satellite overhead.

Globalstar phone can provide access to email and
the internet using your laptop. zoom in Globalstar Internet Access

If you travel to remote locations and conduct business there, then this phone will get you connected. If you merely travel to exotic locations where there's an existing landline or cellular service, then don't get an Iridium phone. No matter how ridiculous the hotel charges may be for a long distance call, odds are it's still cheaper and better-sounding than the same call made through Iridium. As a fetish object, however, the Iridium phone is very effective. People have stoped us anywhere we used it and asked to touch it.

Basic charge includes a flat fee for the first week's hire with a reducing daily rate per week after that (see rate card). To that you only need to add your call charges, a statement itemising calls will be forwarded to you usually within 7-14 days post-hire to reconcile your account.

The Globalstar GSP-1700 phone is designed to take you beyond cellular and landline communication, making you more productive and keeping you in contact with work, friends and family from afar. New ergonomic redesign, advanced feature set and reduced size make the GSP-1700 an indispensable tool for business and a must have on your back country trips.

Global Star Qualcomm GSP1700 Specification

Table: GlobalStar Qualcomm gsp1700 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications:
Operating Frequency: 1616 - 1626.5 MHz, L-Band
Duplexing Method: Time Division Duplex(TDD)
Multiplexing Method: TDMA/FDMA (GSM)
Link Margin: 15.5 dB average
Average Power: 0.57 Watts average
CEIRP Average: -1.9 dBW
Sensitivity: -117.9 dBm
TX Spurs General EIRP: -60 dBW
TX Spurs GNSS 1559-1605 MHz: -80 dBW
TX Noise GNSS 1559-1650 MHz: -70 BW/MHz
Standard Battery Life :
Continuous Talk Time: Up to 2hrs (3.2 hours with the optional
High Capacity Battery or 5.5 hrs with the
optional Ultra High Capacity Battery)
Standby Time: Up to 16hrs (24 hours with the optional
High Capacity Battery or 48 hrs with the
optional Ultra High Capacity Battery)
Mechanical & Environmental:
Weight: Under 454g (16oz)
Dimensions: 7.60"L x 2.44"W x 2.66 "D
(193mm L x 62mm H x 68mm D)
Operating Temperature: -30ºC - 60ºC

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