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HN Huhgesnet 9000 satellite internet

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The Hughes HN9000 is a high-performance broadband modem designed to deliver a wide range of HughesNet broadband services to consumers, small-tomedium businesses, and government agencies in North America, utilizing the unique high-capacity SPACEWAY 3 satellite system. A variety of service plans are available with the HN9000, delivering throughputs up to 1 Mbps on the uplink, and up to 5 Mbps on the downlink.

Operating as an IP modem, the HN9000 incorporates several advanced features to increase throughput performance and maximize the user’s experience and satisfaction. Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) mitigates delay and increases overall throughput over satellite channels, while the unique Hughes TurboPage feature provides HTTP acceleration for lightning-fast browser performance.

HughesNet HN System Architecture

Implements Performance Enhancement Proxy (PEP) software to accelerate throughput by optimizing TCP transmission over the satellite, delivering superior user experience and link efficiency delivers high-performance Web access via TurboPage technology Bidirectional data compression Configuration, status monitoring, and commissioning User-friendly LED display indicating terminal operational status Operates as a local router providing: Static and dynamic addressing DHCP server or relay DNS caching NAT/PAT.

HUGHES HN9000 Broadband Satellite Router Features

Table: Satellite Router HN 9000 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Satellite & Antenna Specifications:
Information Rate (Receive): 440 Mbps
Information Rate (Transmit): 128,512,1024 kbps
Frequency Range: Ka-band
Modulation (Receive): QPSK
Modulation (Transmit): CE-OQPSK
Antenna: 74 cm, 98 cm, 120 cm, 180 cm
Radio: 1 , 2, 4 and 10 watt
Physical Interfaces:
Ethernet: 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN RJ-45 ports 2 SAT RF ports – 1 Receive (RX) and 1 Transmit (TX) DC input port
Mechanical & Environmental:
Weight (IDU): 1.6 lbs (.726 kg)
Dimensions: 8.05” H x 1.55” W x 8.95” D
(20.4 cm H x 3.9 cm W x
22.7 cm D)
Operating Temperature (IDU): +41º F (5º C) to +104º F (+40º C)
Operating Temperature (ODU): -22º F (-30º C) to +131º F (+55º C)
Input power: 48V; 13.5V (external AC/DC supply required)

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Broadband Satellite Router HN 9000 Documentation and Manuals

Router HN9000 data sheet

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HN9000 Hughesnet

Data Sheet

(PDF, 853K)

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