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Internet By Satellite For Rural Canadians

HughesNet Direcway system, offers the latest technology for fast, reliable Internet access. This technology is especially suited for remote areas. If you or your business are located in an central Otario area that is not served by high speed DSL or Cable Internet and you are tired of slow connections on what may be related to poor phone lines, radio phone or cel phone connections, we have the answer for you. Blazing fast two-way Satellite Internet at affordable prices.

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We offer full installation, setup and support for the two-way Satellite Internet system almost anywhere in Canada. With a proven track record of quality, service and support, HighSpeedSat is the obvious choice for your Satellite needs.

Central Ontario home Satellite Internet Satellite modem and Linksys router

With our experience and knowledge of the unique requirements of remote areas, our team of specially trained installers will consult with you, recommend a system then install the system and support you in it's use. They will not leave until you are comfortable that your new system is running properly and you understand it's operation. We even look after all the licensing and paperwork for you for a truly no-hassle experience.


HighSpeedSat offers a turnkey package to businesses in small and remote communities that want to provide access to the Internet. We use VSAT (very small aperture terminal) two-way satellite as well as its VANNE terrestrial network to provide the services. We provide the package to businesses in the communities, which might be local cable companies or independent entrepreneurs. Those businesses in turn provides Internet access to people and companies in their areas.

television and internet service over internet two-way satellite dishbroadband satellite internet access antenna Satellite Internet for rural Canada

We install satellite systems for television and high-speed internet in Central Ontario. If your cottage or home is located outside of Central Ontario feel free to give us a call. We will be adding more locations to our service area as time goes on. If we are unable to help you, we will be happy to refer you to someone who can.

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Satellite Internet Ontario

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