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  Internet via Satellite in Africa:

Internet via Satellite

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Satellite Internet Africa Africa Satellite Internet

The lights of Congo! Some installations are done under the bright light of the African sky. Here is one of the worldwide earliest (outside of the USA)  DW6000 installations in Likasi, near Lumbumbashi in Congo ROC. We successfully installed this system for a customer who is trading in the stock markets, "somewhere in the middle of nowhere".

The outdoor antenna unit consists of a 1 Watt Block up converter (Transmitter) and a high sensible Receive LNB. Other products require 2 Watt or even 4 Watt. Everything is wired by RG11 four times shielded cable with 120dB. Of course we also deliver these details, which are mandatory and might be hard to get in Africa.

Satellite Internet Africa Africa Satellite Internet

The Hughes Networks DW6000 gateway, here in the African TT-6100 version, allows users to surf broadband in the internet and is the premium choice, if you want to connect 3 to 5 PCs to the internet in areas with poor communication infrastructure. This picture shows one of our customers near Lumbumbashi in Congo how he surfs the internet at high speed. Experiences he only was used to do in European countries. Although licensing often is claimed to be a problem, it was not in this project at all and it is easier than you think.
Bandwidth is even enough to view some movies or watch some TV news on CNN or NTV. Of course you can do your stock trading as well or read big e-mails. A lot things are possible with our Internet services, you have always dreamed of before.

Satellite Internet Africa Africa Satellite Internet

Even with clouded skies or under bad weather conditions, TT-6100 terminal has no problem to ensure a fast and reliable internet connection within the Panamsat PAS10 coverage zone. Compared to C-Band with big antenna sizes and cost intensive equipment, the 120cm dish of the TT-6100 guaranties service availability at reasonable costs.
The installation is easier than you think and it can be done in one day. Even if you do it the first time, we guided you through by manuals and online support which brings even the untrained online after solving some small hurdles. And be sure that our partner network is capable of giving you the local support you need as well.

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A clear view to the northern sky is mandatory and all what you need, if you are living under the equator.

Satellite Internet Africa Satellite Internet Congo
Satellite Internet Congo

There are many ways to mount the satellite Internet antenna. In extreme climatic regions of this world, it might be wise to find a very stable solution. So thunderstorms and extreme winds do not have a chance to interrupt your satellite Internet connection.
With a 120cm dish size, you get connected to Internet via satellite almost everywhere in Sub Sahara Africa. Only some regions like the equatorial areas require a 180cm satellite antenna reflector. So forget about 2,4 meter C-Band satellite Internet dishes. Please ask us for our recommendation and we give you our warranty, that you will have access to the Internet over satellite.

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Internet via satellite for trader
We successfully installed Internet via satellite system for a customer who is trading on the stock markets, under the bright light of the African sky. This robust and reliable service supports VoIP and is being used for calls to the Europe and USA.

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