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   iNetVu - Mobile High-Speed Satellite Internet 

Mobile Satellite Internet
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iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet

 iNetVu compact 0.74m antenna solution providing broad coverage across North America


iNetVu High-Speed Mobile Internet System

Introducing the iNetVuT Mobile High Speed Internet Service providing full time, 2-way access to the Internet anywhere in North America - Canada, US, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and also in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia without the need for land-line hook ups, expensive cellular phones or other additional and often expensive, wireless services.

iNetVuT High-Speed Mobile Satellite Edition allows users to receive wireless high-speed Internet access anywhere! iNetVuT is the first of its generation to offer low-cost, wireless High-Speed Internet services via satellite.

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Although large (and very expensive) satellite data systems have been around for awhile, the relatively inexpensive, 18" diameter (approximate) two-way satellite systems we refer to here brought much excitement to the Specialty Vehicle industry when the were introduced in early 2003.  These systems are specially modified versions of "static" versions that began seeing use in 2001 for residential and business data transfer in areas without easy access to hard-wire high-speed data links, such as DSL, T1, or the cable modems we have become familiar with.  Recent technology breakthroughs have allowed adequate data transfer speeds using the smaller dish format and shared internet satellite networks; significantly reducing equipment costs, service costs, and installation sizes.

The mobile versions of these systems are adapted to allow the dish to store in a flat position for transport and most allow for automatic satellite seek and lock, referencing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and on-board compasses to establish the coaches' location and heading at the time of deployment.  Beyond these user benefits, the system on a whole significantly reduces the amount of space the system requires, both externally and internally.  The top-side dish requires relatively little roof space and the interior control system is packaged in a very compact module associated with an on-board PC.  These unique features allow the system to be easily retrofitted to an existing vehicle as well as integrated in your new specialty vehicle project. 


We understand your fast-paced world and have designed a High-Speed Internet solution with you in mind.

Bringing convenience directly to you

Get connected with iNetVu 

The iNetVu system provides download speeds of up to 1000 Kbps and upload speeds up to 90 Kbps, with survivable dish wind speeds of 60 MPH when deployed and 120 MPH when stowed.

In referencing past data transfer methods such as radio and cellular, the two-way satellite opens many new doors to those who were not served well by these technologies.  The systems allow broadband internet access, e-mail, streaming video feeds, satellite television reception, and even voice over IP.  Virtually any application available in a mobile environment that uses an internet-based communication protocol is a prime candidate for the new two-way satellite systems.  All of these capabilities, partnered with affordable costs and minimal sizing truly revolutionize the capabilities of an increasingly mobile world.

Benefits of iNetVuT Mobile High Speed Internet Service:

One-stop shopping! With C-COM, we can sell you a complete package of hardware, software and airtime. This means that in the event of a problem, there'll be no finger pointing.

  • Easy to use from a stationary vehicle. A single press of a button causes the dish to go from a stowed position on your vehicle's roof to an extended, locked-in on the correct satellite and fully operational position in a matter of minutes. It's simple to use because it is fully automatic and requires no manual intervention.
  • It's a single dish solution - you can use the same dish to watch Satellite TV and at the same time surf the web or catch up on your e-mails.
  • Simple to connect via a USB PC connection and it's also Internet telephony ready which means you can call from anywhere in our coverage area.
  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. C-COM is known for its superior 24x7,
    1-800 toll free customer care. Besides being able to browse the Internet and send e-mails, you can use the service to do things such as On-line banking, Internet fax (IP), video streaming, mission critical information transfers, distance learning and other Internet-based applications.

Mobile Satellite Internet Prices

Currently the iNetVuT Mobile service is offered with the following Satellite coverage area, which extends from the Continental United States of America, south into the Caribbean and Latin America and also north into Canada and Alaska.

iNetVu Product Highlights

Typically 3 Minutes To Locate The Satellite!

. C-COM's iNetVu is an advanced 2-way high-speed mobile satellite Internet access product that employs commercial grade components in order to operate precisely and flawlessly in many different environments. Because iNetVu uses an actuator motor rather than gears to point the antenna, it operates with a higher degree of accuracy and with almost no backlash. This combined with C-COM's revolutionary control software and industrial accuracy sensors allows the antenna to acquire the satellite in typically 3 minutes rather than the 8-10 minutes it takes competing products to accomplish the same task.

Dependability - C-COM Keeps Delicate Electronic Components Away From The Weather Elements

. C-COM houses the control electronics for the antenna inside the vehicle rather than outdoors and on the roof; which is the case with the competing product. Our approach prevents water and even snow from entering the electronic control box making it less prone to failure due to weather related events.

. Careful attention has been paid to the design of the covers of the iNetVu mount to prevent the ingress of moisture, road debris and other foreign particles. This ensures that the mechanism will operate flawlessly for years to come.

Advanced Safety Interlocks

. The iNetVu mount has been designed with many safety features including one that prevents the antenna from being rotated while in the stowed position. With iNetVu, the antenna cannot be rotated until it has reached a certain height. This advanced safety interlock prevents the mount from inadvertently destroying its gears and causing severe damage to the roof of the vehicle.

. Should you inadvertently attempt to move the vehicle with the dish extended, the control system will automatically sense the movement and retract the dish safely into the stowed position without human intervention.

iNetVu Navigator - Now You'll Never Be Lost!

The iNetVu Navigator software is an available option that uses the built-in iNetVu Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Navigator is an integrated mapping product that can show your position on a map in real time, even while the vehicle is on the move.
As well, Navigator can be used for route planning and obtaining addresses, directions and telephone numbers for gas stations, accommodations and attractions in the area.

Leasing Options
We are your complete Internet solution -- from product and service, to set-up and payment. To find out what leasing options are available to you, email us at or call 1-877-463-8886 and speak directly to one of our experienced sales representatives. Leasing is available only in Canada


Now available with iNetVu, the DW4020 gateway is a self-hosted, stand-alone unit that provides an integrated broadband LAN solution for Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC, or other platforms running IP over Ethernet.

The gateway is completely self-contained and requires no external PC to host any functions. The Gateway Host provides all of the functionality previously required of a user's PC, as well as a 4-port Ethernet switch integrated with the DW4000. The product has 4 RJ45 Ethernet ports built into the box, which are switched ports that provide local routing for connected devices, making it the central gateway point for networked devices.

Gateway Characteristics
Ethernet 10/100 - 4 Ports (switched) RJ-45
Serial Port - Asynchronous RS232
USB Port - One USB 1.1 (Type A)

iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet DW4020

The DW4020 gateway can be used in two distinct IP configurations, depending on your Internet needs.

Private IP Addressing

With this configuration, up to 4 computers can be connected to the unit's Ethernet ports. Switches or hubs can be connected to one or more of these ports to connect additional computers to the terminal.

Public (Routable) IP Addressing

With this configuration, the gateway can be commissioned to support 1, 5 or 13 public addresses, dependant on your needs. Network Address Translation (NAT) or DHCP is not supported in this configuration.

Is it possible to upgrade from a DW4000?
Certainly. In fact, the DW4020 requires the same Indoor receive and transmit units as the DW4000(USB), as well as outdoor antenna equipment.

Mobile Satellite Internet

Why connect with iNetVu Mobile High Speed Internet Service?

It's your one-stop Internet solution.
C-COM is a full-service solution, providing Internet service, hardware, billing and quality customer care and support.

Keeping in touch is just a phone call away.
Because iNetVu is Internet Telephony ready, you can place phone calls from anywhere in our coverage areas and actually reduce your cell phone and long distance charges!

Friendly, top-quality support is always available.
Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We're known for our superior, 24/7, North American-wide toll free customer care.

You can access the Internet easily with the press of one button.
Your dish is fully automated and requires no manual intervention it will go from a stowed position on your vehicle's roof to fully extended and online with an unlimited connection in minutes!

iNetVu can be installed from anywhere in North America.
No matter where you are in North America, C-COM can recommend a licensed installer in your area. A professional installation will ensure that you get optimal performance from your high-speed satellite Internet connection.


Racing Services Vehicle

June 11, 2002 - Proprietary 2 Way Mobile Antenna for Internet Access into Vehicles

January 28, 2003 - Minnesota State Patrol Acquires Mobile Satellite Internet Platform

May 13, 2003 - Mobile satellite Internet units shipped to Europe

July 29, 2003 - Ontario Governement Office Acquires iNetVu Mobile Solution

October 7, 2003 - British Fire and Rescue Command Unit Goes Online with iNetVu

Mobile Satellite Internet

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