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 Direcway Satellite Internet Mexico:

Satellite connection for internet cafés and business in Mexico and Central America

Satellite Internet Mexico Satellite Internet MexicoSatellite Internet Mexico Satellite Internet Mexico

Internet vía Satélite

El hecho de que no exista el servicio DSL o cable-modem en tu localidad no significa que las conexiones de alta velocidad estén fuera de tu alcance. Con Internet vía Satélite, el cielo es tu límite. Literalmente. Si tienes una PC y una vista limpia y sin obstrucciones al sur del cielo, puedes tener una conexión a Internet de alta velocidad.

 Direcway Satellite Internet Mexico - Price:


2-Way Satellite systems in Canada and the US are around $650 US including installation with a basic monthly fee of around $69 US. Systems in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are higher in cost -- usually around $2000 US after shipping, duties, license, and installation. Residential customers outside of Canada and the US will receive the Business Edition of Direcway which is faster, has higher download limits, and usually points to a different satellite than North American residential clients. The Basic Business Edition costs $99 US per month.

Do I need a license?

According to Industry Canada, FCC, and most other countries, you do require some type of license since you are operating a 2-way microwave radio antenna. The license usually costs around $50-100US a year. Some countries, like Belize, require a telecommunications license before allowing you to pass your dish through Customs.

How easy is it to import a 2-way Satellite system into Mexico?

Most Central American countries like Mexico, Belize, and Honduras have restrictions on importing satellite internet. Since most US companies are not authorized by Hughes to sell the service outside the US, many countries require that you buy your dish from their list of authorized suppliers -- or they won't let them in through Customs. License fees and import duty is required. It is sometimes possible to 'sneak' them through Customs and avoid those costs, but they will not think twice about seizing the dish if they catch you -- or even think they have caught you. There is significant corruption and incompetence in governments 'south of the border' and even while trying to do everything by the book, there always seem to be unexpected obstacles in the way. We are authorized to sell the Direcway Business Edition throughout Central America and we are authorized by Hughes to sell and install Direcway in Central America, the Caribbean, Canada, and the States.

 Satellite Internet solution for Mexico:

Telecommunications is a key strategic resource for Mexico as it aggressively seeks to improve the business climate for rapidly-privatizing organizations, streamline operations at government agencies, and speed the distribution of services such as education and healthcare throughout its population.

The TES QUANTUMT Product Family.

Satellite transmission is insensitive to distance, terrain, and numbers of geographically dispersed locations, making it a valuable communications technology for use in Mexico. HNS designed its TES Quantum family of meshed telephony products to offer cost-effective, satellite communications for voice and enhanced data services, including:

- High-speed digital telephony services for both public and private networks
- Single-user access to satellite-based telephone service
- Intelsat/Eutelsat-compatible gateway connections for international circuits
- The product's architecture was Intelsat's choice for the thin-route DAMA (demand assigned multiple access) standard for its signatory countries and non-signatory users.

HNS Broadband Wireless Solutions.

HNS' AIReach® broadband networks give telecommunications carriers a powerful platform for offering their customers fiber-quality, "last kilometer" wireless solutions. These highly efficient networks extend voice, video, data, multimedia, and Internet services via point-to-multipoint radio airlinks from the fiber drop point of switching center to small and medium-sized businesses needing cost-effective, high-bandwidth applications. For the carrier, benefits include increased speed of system implementation, reduced capital and operating expenditures, increased revenue opportunities, and protection of spectrum investment.

HNS' Commitment to "Hecho en Mexico."

HNS has been committed to the success of Mexico and the surrounding region since 1987. HNS is Mexico's VSAT market leader with a total of 3500 VSATs and 16 satellite hubs installed to date. HNS commitment also includes a manufacturing plant in Tijuana, employing more than 1,000 Mexican nationals. Employees there build DIRECTV® set-top units as well as DIRECWAY units for Internet access currently being introduced throughout Mexico.

Advanced Applications for Government and Industry.

HNS networks are used today to support advanced communications in a variety of industries and applications:

Banking -
money transfer, ATM transactions
Energy - oil and gas pipeline monitoring, retail gasoline sales
Automotive - dealer communications, parts inventory and repair records, retail sales, large file transfer, distance training
Corporate and government services - emergency communications, data transfer
Education and training - distance learning for educational institutions, industrial training
Medical Services - medical image transfer, virtual consultation

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