TracPhone F77

TracPhone F77 marine satellite communications system

The powerful TracPhone F77 marine satellite communications system provides access to Inmarsat Fleet’s Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) channel and Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) via Inmarsat’s globalbeams, ensuring uninterrupted voice, data, and fax service. Plus, you enjoy added flexibility thanks to the TracPhone F77’s compatibility with shipboard PABX systems as well as onboard networks (when connected to an IP router). Now up-to-date weather reports or maritime chart and navigational updates are available virtually anywhere you travel!

In addition, the Inmarsat Fleet F77 service is designed to meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) latest distress and safety specifications within the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

Meets GMDSS standards for international regulatory compliance. Relies on powerful Fleet service from Inmarsat. Two powerful options for high-speed Internet access: ISDN (per-minute charge) for high-bandwidth voice, video conferencing, and large file transmission; and MPDS (per-megabit charge) for a high-capacity, always-online connection.

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Pole-to-Pole Global Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) allows “always on” Internet connections and cost-effective web surfing at speeds as high as 640 Kbps (up & down). Inmarsat Airtime Services provided by KVH offer exclusive airtime benefits and a single point of contact for both hardware and airtime questions.

Free access to KVH’s Velocity™ Acceleration software to optimize and speed up data connections. Global high-quality, secure voice and fax connections, e-mail, and video conferencing. Rugged, reliable design for outstanding performance, even offshore and in challenging sea conditions.

Looking for a matching satellite TV system for a stylish dual-dome installation? The TracPhone F77 comes in a 39″ (99 cm) high dome that’s a perfect match for the TracVision M9.

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TracPhone F77 Satellite Internet & Phone on boat Specifications

TracPhone 77 Specifications
Service ProviderInmarsat Airtime Services
ServiceInmarsat Fleet
Service Coverage AreaGlobal
Maximum Downlink Rate (Shore-to-Ship)64 Kbps (Global)
128 Kbps (Spotbeam)
Maximum Uplink Rate (Ship-to-Shore)64 Kbps (Global)
128 Kbps (Spotbeam)
Billing MethodMetered
Typical Cost per MB Transmitted (see rate sheet)$32.00 USD
Typical Cost per Minute for Voice (see rate sheet)$1.89 USD
Antenna Dome Standard Diameter x Height/Weight33" x 35"/57 lbs
(84 cm x 89 cm/26 kg)
Antenna Dome Alternate Diameter x Height/Weight35" x 39"/77 lbs
(89 cm x 99 cm/35 kg)
Matching TracVision Antenna AvailableStandard - not available
Alternate - M9
Voice4.8 kbps mini-M,
3.1 khz audio

TracPhone F77 Documentation and Manuals

TracPhone F77
Download TracPhone F77

TracPhone F77
Download TracPhone F77

TracPhone F77
Download TracPhone F77

TracPhone F77
Download TracPhone F77