TracPhone V7

mini-VSAT Broadband offers the next generation of satellite communications

You can rely on broadband at sea the way it was meant to be thanks to KVH’s rugged 24″ (60 cm) TracPhone V7 antenna and the worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network. The new standard for maritime satellite communications, it’s the ideal way to stay connected with family and friends via Internet, e-mail, phone and more while at sea.

Enjoy high-quality, consistent, always-on broadband data connections, multiple voice telephone lines, and dramatically reduced service costs thanks to mini-VSAT Broadband’s modern spread spectrum satellite technology.

This service is available via the TracPhone V7 and its fully integrated below-decks modem and control unit. A fraction of the size of standard 1-meter VSAT systems, this solution offers easy connections to shipboard networks, fully stabilized tracking, a remarkable reduction in the cost of hardware and installation, and all with no compromise in performance!

Marine Satellite Internet

Satellite phone on ship

Satellite phone on ship

In fact, mini-VSAT Broadband creates a “cable modem” experience at sea while offering great coverage, outstanding network traffic management, and consistent performance. You get exactly what you expect with regard to service speeds, reliability, and unlimited access, all for much less than what you’re used to paying for satellite communications. Plus, a variety of powerful options help you make the most of your TracPhone V7 system!

Groundbreaking spread spectrum satellite communications technology offers seamless roaming throughout the worldwide network, and is ideal for heavy data use. Rugged TracPhone V7 is 85% smaller and 75% lighter than standard VSAT antennas so it’s easier to install and less expensive to operate.

Data rates as fast as 512 Kbps for ship-to-shore transmissions and as fast as 2 Mbps for shore-to-ship downloads as well as crystal-clear voice service. ViaSat spread spectrum modem and KVH Antenna Control Unit (ACU) offer seamless regional roaming and are perfect for high data use.

Chosen by the U.S. Coast Guard for maritime satellite communications. Dynamic, gyro-stabilized tracking and military-grade modem for outstanding performance along with onboard networking via an included Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch.

Marine Satellite Phone

Choice of fixed price, seasonal, or per-megabyte subscription plans and easy, 1-call activation. No need to hook up the antenna to the ship’s gyro compass – installation has never been simpler!

Hi there, this is Chris Watson from KVH Industries coming to you from Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. One of exciting products that was shown here tracfone v7 and mini-vsat broadband service. This compact antenna allow voters to stay in touch worldwide with two-way voice and broadband internet with ship to shore as fast as 512 K in short a ship the fastest 2 megabits per second. We’ve managed to develop a system that offers all the benefits and we said but in a 24 inch Dell so compact only weighs 60 pounds. You don’t need a crane to install it you don’t need to reinforce the superstructure. Two people can lift it up, put it where you want it and you can have it installed and death. Beauty this solution is not only the compact but includes the hardware am service from KVH. In addition you have a wide range of solutions to choose from when it comes the air time that you use it. You can choose a fixed-rate package where you’re paying a flat rate in basically have an open data pipe be able to send and receive emails, browse the web, make phone calls. However if you prefer you can also choose to purchase a per megabyte package so you’re only paying for watching you and for those people who can be on the boat here around. We also offer seasonal pack sell for as little as three months a year you can enjoy all the broadband benefits the come with the tracfone the seven 20 advantages track on the side is that it basically functions like the internet connection that you have at your home or office.

For example if you mp3 net cable run through your that’ll you can plan right in all the sudden a wired network throughout both. Also hook it up to a WiFi network turn your bass a little floating wifi hotspot said anybody who comes on board can be able to get on with their laptop there. I plant and that way it is convinient as possible plus there are a lot of value added function but you can. For example you can add a pico sells turn your vessel into a cellphone tower essentially all going through the senate if you got crew on board the you’re gonna have passengers are saying you have a vote any charter it sometimes you can offer those folks access to voice an Internet using prepaid service says they’re paying for the service they’re using and you’re getting the benefit of being able to make your boat much more comfortable convenience and entered now because the track on the using satellite communications and basically telephone connections it’s completely secure so if you are out say fishing you wanna love funny know where the good fishing give them a call parents send it out over the rail where other people might be able to hear him not to worry about being hold dial the number column on your the seventh let him know where you’re going to be if you are traveling. You going to a foreign port, you have to wait and figure out how you going to do the paperwork can be able to FactSet door deliver when you get on shore. Do it all up sharply send out over the Internet and now wait speeds things up he send out over the Internet and now wait speeds things u. He get to the docking able to get your business done it’s really good look because you can like the agents no couple hot air miles out.

Let the agent know hey I’m coming like say that Panama canal prime. Example I spent four years over there you call they just let him now that you’re on your way and I shoul¬d be here this day time I need Estes en masse all lined up if he takes care of montana I’m ready to go through the cat out once I get here so I speed everything up insted of have no way with no dose at 4i would travel without man at stats test I don’t do it if you’re looking for satellite communications solution for your vote consider the track on the seven compact. It’s fast it’s affordable and offers global service you’re going to be able to stay connected wherever you go on your both when Roger out at sea or at the doc for more information visit settled

TracPhone V7 Satellite Internet & Phone on boat Specifications

TracPhone V7 Specifications
Service Provider mini-VSAT Broadband Service
Service KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Airtime
Service Coverage Area Global
Maximum Downlink Rate (Shore-to-Ship) 2 Mbps
Maximum Uplink Rate (Ship-to-Shore) 1 Mbps
Billing Method Speed-based or Metered
Typical Cost per MB Transmitted (see rate sheet) <$1.00 USD
Typical Cost per Minute for Voice (see rate sheet) $0.05 USD (speed-based plans)
Antenna Dome Standard Diameter x Height/Weight 26" x 27"/60 lbs
(66 cm x 69 cm/27 kg)
Antenna Dome Alternate Diameter x Height/Weight 35" x 39"/97 lbs
(89 cm x 99 cm/44 kg)
Matching TracVision Antenna Available Standard - M7, HD7
Alternate - M9
Voice KVH “Enhanced Voice” Service or Maritime GSM Service
Fax Group 3 fax

TracPhone V7 Documentation and Manuals

TracPhone V7
Download TracPhone V7

TracPhone V7
Download TracPhone V7

TracPhone V7
Download TracPhone V7

TracPhone V7
Download TracPhone V7