Sea Tel 9797

3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with C-Band, X-Band and Ku-Band satellites

The Sea Tel Model 9797 radical offset antenna is our most efficient ever C-band, X-band and Ku-Band marine stabilized antenna system. The Model 9797 is both INTELSAT and DSCS compliant. You get more through-put using the same or lesser amount of valuable deck space.

Also available as a dual-band selectable C and Ku-Band system for complete flexibility. Innovative Radical Offset antenna technology provides unparalleled efficiency and performance.

An unmatched range of additional powerhouse features means a system you can rely on whatever the weather or the sea conditions.

The Model 9797

The Sea Tel 9797B Utilizes the DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit. The DAC 2202 is 19” rackmount unit (1.75” tall) featuring:

(3) RS-232/422 Serial Ports; (1) full function M&C and (2) NMEA ports for heading, GPS input and modem compatible, reformatted GPS output; (1) Ethernet port allowing (2) full function TCP/IP M&C ports; (1) multi-user HTML interface port for setting all DAC parameters and viewing the current DAC status; (1) UDP download port for updating software in the Comm Interface. DAC 2302 is available for 70/140 MHz receivers.


  • Receive gain: 38.5dBi @ 3.95GHz / 47.75dBi @ 11.85GHz
  • Transmit gain: 41.7dBi @ 6.18GHz / 48.45dBi @ 14.25GHz
  • 20.2dB/k calculated G/T @ 3.95 GHz / 28.2dB/k calculated G/T @ 11.85 GHz (Clear sky, 20 degrees elevation)
  • Radome: 3.65m/144” D x 3.6m/142” H
  • INTELSAT Earth Station Standard 601 Rev 9
  • Sidelobes,100% below 29-25 log mask
  • Compliant to DSCS requirements: X-Band G/T > 22db/k @ 7.5 GHz
  • Ship’s Motion: +/- 25º Roll or +/-20º Roll and +/- 15º Pitch
  • < 0.2º PEAK mis-pointing @ +/-25º/15º
  • Automatic satellite acquisition
  • Circular/linear C/Ku. Circular X-Band
  • Automatic linear polang positioning
  • Optional KU band drop in feed for dual band operation
  • Internal tracking receiver
  • Unlimited azimuth (no cable unwrap)
  • Built-in test capability, run from antenna control unit or PC
  • Windows M&C program/
  • All antenna control functions
  • M&C for antenna mount RF equipment, up/down converters
  • Built-in test includes Strip Chart Recorder
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Meets Navy MIL-STD-901D GRADE B shock standards and MIL-STD-461 EMI & RFI standards (including 200V/M)
  • Brake System on EL and CL axes to prevent damage due to loss of power
  • Meets MIL-STD-167-1 Vibration
  • Warranty: 1 year parts/ 1 year labor

Sea Tel 9797 Documentation and Manuals

Sea Tel 9797 marine satellite data sheet

Download Sea Tel 9797 Data Sheet: