TracVision M1

Big fun in a small package with everything you need for DIRECTV.

Miss your home theatre when you’re using your boat? No problem – KVH’s ultra-compact 12.5″ TracVision M1 antenna allows you to enjoy hundreds of channels of high-quality satellite TV programming from DIRECTV while at the dock, sailing, or cruising around the continental U.S. and coastal waters. Plus, it offers higher signal gain than any competing antenna in its class, so you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite shows!

Weighing just 7.5 lbs., the in-motion TracVision M1 is the world’s smallest and lightest satellite TV system for boats. It offers the rock-solid open water tracking and in-motion performance you might expect from a larger antenna, while fitting the sleek exterior design of vessels as small as 20 feet.

Best of all, the TracVision M1’s small size, easy setup, Whisper Drive™ motor technology, and versatile mounting options (including the exclusive M1 Pole Mount) mean you can install it wherever is most convenient for you.

This all-digital satellite TV system connects you to the DIRECTV programming you enjoy. When you choose KVH’s TracVision M1, you’ll get the best shows on H2O!

DIRECTV at sea

Satellite TV on boat

For boats 20+ ft.

World’s smallest and lightest in-motion satellite TV system, only 12.5″ D. antenna and 7.5 lbs. Exclusive 12V mobile DIRECTV receiver/controller included, and no additional accessories are required. Just install and start enjoying satellite TV wherever you cruise!

Access to 300+ channels of DIRECTV Ku-band programming – news, weather, sports, movies, and satellite radio music PLUS local channels and network programming. Fully automatic satellite acquisition. Ultra-quiet Whisper Drive motor technology for quiet operation anywhere on the boat. No cable wrap for uninterrupted entertainment. Convenient single-cable installation

Supports automatic satellite switching from your remote control (a KVH exclusive) and multiple TVs and receivers so everyone onboard can enjoy the TV programs they want.

TracVision M1 Satellite TV on boat Specifications

TracVision M1 Specifications
Description Big fun in a small package with everything you need for DIRECTV. For continental U.S. & coastal waters only. For boats 20+ ft.
Antenna Dish Diameter 12.5" (32 cm)
Radome Diameter x Height 13.5" x 13"
(34 cm x 33 cm)
Minimum EIRP 51 dBW (Ku-band)1
Compatible Satellite TV Services DIRECTV - N. America
Skew ControlN/A
LNB Options (polarization/output)Circular Dual
Tracking Technology Open water tracking
User Interface RF Remote Control & Integrated 12V DIRECTV Mobile Receiver
GyroTrac (Tuna Tower) Upgrade Available No
Tri-Americas LNB Compatible No
HDTV Compatible No

TracVision M1 Documentation and Manuals

TracVision M1
Download TracVision M1

TracVision M1
Download TracVision M1

TracVision M1
Download TracVision M1

TracVision M1
Download TracVision M1