TracVision HD7

Watch satellite TV from 3 DIRECTV satellites simultaneously!

This is satellite TV at sea like you’ve never seen before – KVH’s new 24″ TracVision® HD7 antenna is a breakthrough in maritime satellite TV design, bringing high-definition programming from DIRECTV® to your boat or yacht the same way you enjoy it at home. The rugged TracVision HD7 simultaneously tracks DIRECTV’s Ka- and Ku-band satellites enabling use of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and offers the best tracking ever from KVH!

Using KVH’s exclusive TriAD™ technology, the TracVision HD7 antenna can receive broadcasts from three DIRECTV satellites at once! These signals are concentrated by the tuned subreflector before reaching KVH’s unique tri-rod dielectric feed, resulting in outstanding reception even as you cruise offshore.

This technology makes it possible for you and your guests to not only watch any channel but also have full DVR support! Now everyone can watch what they want, on whatever TV they want, whenever they want – a great bonus for everyone onboard! Plus, setup and maintenance are a snap with KVH’s new IP-enabled antenna control unit and TracVision iPhone® app.

Add the TracVision HD7’s optional Tri-Americas® LNB and your boat or yacht can travel throughout the Americas and switch seamlessly between services without missing a beat!

TracVision HD7 satellite TV at Sea


TracVision makes it possible to
watch TV anywhere in the world
on board your yacht.

There’s a new definition for satellite television at sea and it’scalled the TracVision HD7 from KVH Industries. A breakthrough in maritime satellite TV design, the TracVision HD7 offers you a high-definition TV experience exactly like you enjoy at home. No satellite switching, no delays, no issues with DVRs…just brilliant HDTV and standard-definition TV programming thanks to KVH’s revolutionary TriAD™ technology that simultaneously delivers programming from DIRECTV’s three primary satellites.

Other compact marine DIRECTV HDTV systems force you to watch only one satellite at a time, which means that everyone’s program of choice better be on the same satellite! But with the TracVision HD7, you enjoy complete, uninterrupted access to all of the great TV entertainment offered by DIRECTV’s Ka- and Ku- band satellites at the same time. What does this mean? HDTV at sea with no compromises, now and in the future. You, your family, and your friends can watch whatever you want, when you want, on whatever TV you want, because TracVision HD7 tracks all three satellites at once, just like home!

Using a DVR with a satellite TV antenna at sea was always a challenge. What if the channel you wanted to record was being broadcast by a different satellite? Well, that’s never going to be a problem again. Thanks to TracVision HD7’s simultaneous reception of all three primary DIRECTV satellites, your onboard DVRs work exactly the way they do at home so you and your passengers can watch your favorite shows live or recorded.

Maritime satellite TV system KVH

Satellite Television Marine

Take the satellite TV entertainment
you want wherever you travel

The TracVision HD7 brings with it the high-performance pedigree that made KVH’s original 24″ antennas the #1 satellite TV solution on sportfishers and tuna towers. Plus, it includes enhanced tracking algorithms and a stainless steel bearing construction. Put it together and you get rock-solid tracking and uninterrupted entertainment even in the roughest seas and at the highest speeds. It’s quite simply the best tracking product we’ve ever built.

KVH’s TriAD™ technology – making DIRECTV HDTV at sea a reality Thanks to KVH’s Tri-rod Antenna Design (TriAD) technology (patents pending), now a compact maritime satellite TV system can connect you simultaneously to DIRECTV’s Ka-band HDTV satellites at 99˚W and 103˚W as well as the original Ku-band satellite at 101˚W.

TracVision iPhone®/iPod touch® App For the most convenient connection to your HD7 antenna system, simply download KVH’s free TracVision iPhone app from Apple’s iTunes App Store for your iPhone or iPod touch. Then use it to switch to secondary satellites, download and automatically install antenna software updates, and send information directly to KVH technical support. It doesn’t get any easier!

Take the satellite TV entertainment you want wherever you travel throughout the continental United States and well offshore thanks to the TracVision HD7’s simultaneous reception of DIRECTV’s Ka- and Ku-band broadcasts. Plus, you have the option to switch easily to DIRECTV’s secondary satellites if the channel you want to watch is broadcast from one of them. For boaters whose travels take them into Canada, Bell TV (formerly ExpressVu) service is also available.

TracVision HD7 Satellite TV on boat Specifications

TracVision HD7 Specifications
DescriptionDelivering DIRECTV® HDTV just like you enjoy at home!
For boats & yachts 30+ ft.
Antenna Dish Diameter24" (60 cm)
Radome Diameter x Height26" x 27"
(66 cm x 69 cm)
M9 Matching Dome:
35" x 39"
(89 cm x 99 cm)
Minimum EIRP46 dBW (Ku-band)
47 dBW (Ka-band)
Compatible Satellite TV ServicesDIRECTV - North America:
Ku- and Ka-band services
DIRECTV - Latin America:
Ku-band services
Skew ControlStabilized (Tilt)
LNB Options (polarization/output)Circular Ka-/Ku-band Dual
Tracking Technology Multi-axis dynamic tracking
User Interface Internet Protocol-enabled Antenna Control Unit (ACU)
GyroTrac (Tuna Tower) Upgrade Available No
Tri-Americas LNB Compatible Yes
(Ku-band services)
HDTV Compatible Yes
(Ku-band services)

TracVision HD7 Documentation and Manuals

TracVision HD7
Download TracVision HD7

TracVision HD7
Download TracVision HD7

TracVision HD7
Download TracVision HD7

TracVision HD7
Download TracVision HD7