TracVision M7

The right solution when you want to head offshore.

When you’re out where the big boys play, the high-performance, 24″ (60 cm) TracVision M7 offers commercial-grade performance and rock-steady satellite TV reception perfect for boats 60-80′! Add KVH’s GyroTrac (Tuna Tower) Upgrade for outstanding performance in even the most extreme conditions.

Plus, the new TracVision M7 includes KVH’s exclusive RingFire™ antenna technology for reception comparable to larger antennas and extending your coverage area as you head offshore. With the TracVision M7, you’ll be watching the big game when the other boats are left with the message “SEARCHING FOR SATELLITE” on their TV screen!

Includes an ultra-high efficiency 60 cm diameter antenna with proprietary RingFire technology for outstanding reception and signal gain when heading offshore in boats 60-80 ft. Allows you to enjoy programming from your favourite satellite TV services around the globe for unmatched choices in entertainment.

TracVision M7 replaces the accomplished TracVision G6

Offers unsurpassed High-Performance (HP™) DVB® tracking and superior offshore performance plus the option to add the GyroTrac Upgrade (a KVH exclusive!). Includes versatile Master Control Panel for trouble-free set up, easy system monitoring, multi-satellite configuring, and easy switching between satellite TV services

Supports automatic satellite switching from your remote control (a KVH exclusive!) and multiple TVs and receivers so everyone onboard can enjoy the TV programs they want.

TracVision M7 Satellite TV on boat Specifications

TracVision M3DX Specifications
Description The compact Ku-band HD solution. Small, simple & powerful!
For boats 30+ ft.
Antenna Dish Diameter 14.5" (37 cm)
Radome Diameter x Height 15.5" x 17.5"
(39 cm x 44 cm)
Minimum EIRP 50 dBW (Ku-band)
Compatible Satellite TV Services Most Ku-band regional services worldwide
Skew ControlManual
LNB Options (polarization/output)Circular Dual
Linear Single
Tracking Technology Open water tracking
User Interface Multi-service Interface Box/Controller
GyroTrac (Tuna Tower) Upgrade Available No
Tri-Americas LNB Compatible No
HDTV Compatible Yes (Ku-band services)

TracVision M7 Documentation and Manuals

TracVision M7
Download TracVision M7

TracVision M7
Download TracVision M7

TracVision M7
Download TracVision M7

TracVision M7
Download TracVision M7