Model 5004 UA

3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with Ku-Band satellites

The 5004 UA is a 50″ antenna that features Unlimited Azimuth range using a 6 channel rotary joint ensuring uninterrupted TV services no matter how many turns the vessel makes.

The 5004 UA also features high performance stabilization and satellite tracking using a 3-axis closed loop stabilization system, providing quality performance in the roughest of seas.

The Model 5004 UA has a compact, attractive all-white radome, DVB (DigitalVideo Broadcasting) signal identification, and Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software.

It’s ready for multiple satellite reception and includes a two year warranty on parts, and one year on labor.

Model 5004 UA TV-at-Sea Antenna

With Sea Tel’s 5004 UA antenna stabilization system, the TV choices you enjoy at home can be enjoyed at sea, all at the touch of a button.

The 04 Series antennas are compatible with the services provided by the industries leading satellite companies like DIRECTV™, DISH Network™, Bell TV™, Hotbird, Sky, Orbit and DIRECTV Latin America (DLA)™.

All Sea Tel DBS TV-at-Sea systems accommodate any number of satellite receivers. Many TV sets may be installed onboard, each receiving its own programming from its satellite receiver.

Model 5004 UA Marine Satellite Television Specifications

Model 5004 UA Specifications
Minimum EIRP: 41 dBW
Dish Diameter: 1.27 m; 50 in
Radome Diameter: 1.55 m; 61 in
Radome Height: 1.67 m; 66 in
Antenna Weight: 95.3 kg; 210 lbs
Antenna Stabilization: 3-axis closed loop
Stabilization Motors: Brushless (quiet) DC Motors
Ship’s Motion: +/-25° Roll & +/-15° Pitch
Roll & Pitch Response Rate: Unlimited
Azimuth Range: Unlimited
Elevation Range: -15° to +115°
Polarization Control: Automatic
Tracking System: Dishscan (no rotating feed)
Warranty: 2 years parts / 1 year labor

Model 5004 UA Documentation and Manuals

Model 5004 UA marine satellite data sheet

Download Model 5004 UA Data Sheet: