Sea Tel 9497

3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with C-Band and Ku-Band satellites

Sea Tel’s Model 9497 operates in many areas around the globe and is compatible with all known and planned TV satellites.

It is an extremely sensitive system especially with the enhanced pointing accuracy, stability and reliability made possible by Sea Tel’s 3-axis stabilization technology.

Choose this antenna when you want the best TV coverage you can get but space prohibits installation of our Model 14400 antenna.

The Model 9497

All this plus a sophisticated automated controller that lets you bring the TV shows you want on board fast – and easy – from anywhere on the ship.

Sea Tel 9497 Marine Satellite Television Specifications

Sea Tel 9497 Specifications
Antenna Gain C-band: 39.5 dB at 4.2 GHz
Antenna Gain Ku-band: 47.5 dB at 12.5 GHz
Min. EIRP C-band: 30 - 31 dBW
Min. EIRP Ku-band: 35 - 36 dBW
Dish Diameter: 2.4 m; 94 in
Radome Diameter: 3.2m/126”D x 3.0 m/122” H
Radome Baseframe: Galvanized Steel
Antenna Stabilization: 3-axis servo
Built-In GPS: Automatic Satellite Acquisition
Ship’s Motion: +/- 25º Roll or +/-20º Roll and +/- 15º Pitch
Roll & Pitch Response Rate: Unlimited
Azimuth Range: Unlimited turning
Full Elevation Range: -15º to +115º
Reception: Single C-Band (linear or Circular)/ Single Ku-Band (Linear Only), Dual C-Band Linear, Quad Ku-Band linear, Dual C-Band Linear/Quad Ku-Band linear (Can be configured to receive 2 C-Band and 2 Ku-Band signals simultaneously or 4 Ku-Band signals simultaneously)
Ku-band: The entire frequency range for Ku-band satellite television is 10.7 to 12.75 GHz. One configuration is not compatible with the other.
C-band: The C-band frequency range is 3.7 to 4.2 GHz worldwide. Sea Tel TV-at-Sea™ systems are delivered with C-band LNB noise temperatures of 17 degrees K or better. The IF frequency in all cases is 950-1450 MHz.
Meets Navy MIL-STD-901D GRADE B shock standards and MIL-STD-461 EMI & RFI standards (including 200V/M)
Accommodates any number of satellite receivers. Many TV sets may be installed onboard, each receiving its own programming from its satellite receiver
Unmatched stabilization accuracy allows the system to detect and correct the slightest motion affecting the antenna’s connection
HD ready

Sea Tel 9497 Documentation and Manuals

Sea Tel 9497 marine satellite data sheet

Download Sea Tel 9497 Data Sheet: