Sea Tel ST14

Marine stabilized antenna system ready for multiple satellite TV selection.

The Sea Tel ST 14 antenna is compact, with a 14” diameter dish inside an attractive white radome that is just 18” tall and weighs only 25 lbs. The ST14 has a different design than our previous antenna systems.

The new pedestal assembly is made of a highly reliable and durable nylon polyamide injection molding that is used on a very large number of products including aircraft antennas.

This makes the ST 14 extremely lightweight and sets it apart from anything in its class. Now even smaller yachts can enjoy HD-TV at Sea.

Sea Tel’s ST 14 has many of the same features as the Coastal 18 including a wide coverage range and built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisition. Other features include DVB (digital video broadcasting) signal identification, Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast track signal lock software, plus high-performance stabilization and satellite tracking even in inclement weather.

ST 14 TV-at-Sea Antenna

The ST 14 is available in 4 models:

  • ST14D – Dish Network and Bell TV; automatic switching between receivers using optional remote control; HD-Ready.
  • ST14M – DIRECTV Standard Definition service
  • ST14E – European providers, HD-Ready
  • ST14DLA – DIRECTV Latin America, HD-Ready

Recent comparison tests with a competitors antenna suggests that the ST14 antenna has 1dB more signal gain and 0.3 dB less signal attenuation than the competitors radome. This is a grand total of 1.3 dB more signal to the satellite receivers and means that in a heavy rain storm or out on the edge of the footprint, the ST14 will still have a video signal when the competitors antenna has lost its video signal.

Sea Tel ST14 Marine Satellite Television Specifications

Sea Tel ST 14 Specifications
Min. EIRP: 50 dBW
Dish Diameter: 36.8cm/ 14.5”
Radome: 41.9cm/16.5 D x 45.7cm/ 18” H (22% smaller
than the Coastal 18)
Antenna Weight: 15 lbs/ 6.8kg
Power Requirements: 10-16 Vdc
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 55°C
Ship’s Motion +/- 25° Roll and +/- 15° Pitch
Roll and Pitch Response Rate >25°/sec
Azimuth Range - Unlimited
Full Elevation Range 15° to 65°
Circular or Linear Polarization
Higher antenna efficiency, offering a greater range of reception further offshore and stronger signal strength than the competition
Small, attractive white radome
High-performance stabilization and satellite tracking even in inclement weather
Built-In GPS for fast satellite acquisitions
DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) signal identification
Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software
North American and European programming & digital music channels
Pedestal assembly is made of a highly reliable and durable nylon polyamide injection molding
Easy-to-install dome with 2-year warranty on parts; 1-year labor
ST14D and ST14M only support multiple receivers.
(Active multi-switch required)
ST14D, ST14E and ST14DLA only are HD Ready with Dish Network, Bell TV, European Providers and DIRECTV Latin America

Sea Tel ST14 Documentation and Manuals

Sea Tel ST14 marine satellite data sheet

Download Sea Tel ST14 Data Sheet: