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   Mobile Satellite Internet Service

Satellite Mobile Internet

 Leading edge iNetVu mobile high-speed Satellite Internet
provides connectivity in a mobile environment.

Mobile Satellite Internet with an edge for mobile users

The iNetVu mobile satellite Internet system uses the DirecWay, Starband, iDirect or Linkstar satellite platform that is both able to receive and transmit information to a stationary satellite in orbit high above the Earth.

With Mobile Satellite Internet service no need to keep your phone busy

With a 2-Way mobile satellite connection, stay connected while you are on the road by adding a VoIP to Mobile Satellite Internet connection

Mobile Satellite Internet Connection Product Features

The iNetVu mobile system can fit on any mobile platform that gives it room to turn around in place. The bottom of the dish rim must be at least six feed off the ground to legally transmit. Stowed, the unit is only 11 inches high.

Standard mobile access fees are $59 a month with either the DW4000 or DW6000 Direcway satellite modems.

Initial Hardware Cost: $3899.95 USD
Monthly Service Fee: $59.95 USD

 * Costs do not include a certified installation


Broadband Satellite Internet Speed

Mobile Universe presents exciting new technology in a durable, portable, fully automatic, two-way satellite system...the Mobile Satellite Internet System enables those on the GO to get high-speed Internet access virtually anywhere! Consider the flexibility your company will enjoy at being able to connect online anywhere you find your vehicle parked... no phone lines, no cell phones, no satellite phones... this is true 2-way broadband technology.

 Do you need broadband phone at RV? 

Get on the move with this amazing mobile broadband internet solution

We understand your fast-paced world and have designed a Mobile High-Speed Internet solution with you in mind.

At the mobile office?
Get satellite Internet connection in your vehicle. 
We provide the satellite Internet solution to help your business grow and prosper - no matter where you go!

Since the mobile satellite Internet era began, we have offered a complete line of broadband satellite Internet equipment and service levels.

Our mobile satellite Internet solutions can provide a broadband Internet connection anywhere your vehicle can travel.

iNetVu mobile satellite Internet units may be mounted on a truck, van, railroad car, trailer, etc. and be deployed within minutes after arrival at your destination.

Our mobile satellite system requires no cell phones or phone lines. If you can see the Southern Sky, you can have broadband Internet service. Mobile satellite Internet rental units are available upon request. To find out more about our Mobile Data Communications Uplink click here

iNetVu 950 Mobile Satellite Dish for High Speed Internet
High-performance satellite Internet access to meet the demands of government, teleworkers, franchises or retail outlets.

iNetVu 1200 Mobile Satellite Platform for High Speed Access to Internet
Check reliable, convenient, high-speed satellite Internet service for schools, hospitals, large institutions and enterprises.

We offer three types of mobile satellite Internet dishes and six levels of service depending on your needs.

We offer three dish sizes -- Mobile Satellite .74 meter, .95 meter, and 1.2 meter. The larger dish sizes are for use in areas on the edge of the satellite coverage footprint. They also provide customers with the higher upload service levels that are now available.

HighSpeedSat can now provide a mobile satellite Internet rental unit for your business needs. Please contact us for more information.

Add a VoIP to Mobile Satellite Internet connection
Phone calls with Direcway. Read all about our VoIP product line.

Mobile Internet all over the World
Install a mobile satellite Internet dish on your RV or other vehicle.

Mobile High-Speed Satellite Internet for bookmobiles
With satellite Internet Access which enables real-time circulation the
bookmobile  became a fully functioning mobile branch.

Compare DiRECWAY, Linkstar and iDirect  Mobile Satellite Internet platforms
Compare our mobile satellite Internet platforms.

Mobile Internet via satellite for mobile office
We successfully installed mobile Internet via satellite system for a customer who is trading on the stock markets, under the bright light of the African sky.

Mobile Satellite Internet Solution for RV 
The Brundage family is now on the road, running a successful Internet Business from an RV with a two-way Internet satellite system.

   To learn more about VoiP over mobile satellite Internet please click here:
Satellite Internet VoIP


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