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Iridium Motorola 9505 satellite phone

Iridium - Motorola 9505 satellite mobile phone is the newest addition to the Motorola Satellite Series (TM) portfolio. This phone is lighter, smaller and more resistant to water and shock than Motorola's 9500 Iridium phone. zoom in 9505 satellite phone

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Motorola's Satellite 9505 phone The Iridium Satellite Series™ 9505 Portable Phone is their latest rugged, weather-resistant phone that is smaller and lighter than previous generations of Iridium's Satellite Series™ Phones. 9505 Phone is a tool that transcends current communication offerings.

most extensive global wireless personal communication networks. Business, adventure, or pleasure, you’re able to stay in touch across seas and times zones, around the world and on the go. One telephone number, through the use of personal subscriber identification module (SIM) chip, can help keep you connected. Customize a package of satellite services, designed for flexible, global coverage; exactly what you want, when you want it, where you want it.

Additional features included in the Iridium Satellite Series™ 9505 Portable Phone include an IrDA port intended for synchronizing phone book information, as well as a standard headset jack for hands-free operation, when using the optional headset.

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Using 9505 in Mongolia zoom in satellite and cell phone

Keeping in touch with the office, family or friends couldn't be any easier now with the addition to our range of communication equipment of Motorola's Iridium satellite phone. The handset is slightly larger than a standard mobile phone in size and has a flip face keypad and an extendable antenna, for easy operation and clear reception. Packed into a convenient carry bag with both 240V mains power and 12V car chargers you'll be ready for extended touring and phone access to the world on any of Australia's outback tracks. Basic charge includes a flat fee for the first week's hire with a reducing daily rate per week after that (see rate card). To that you only need to add your call charges, a statement itemising calls will be forwarded to you usually within 7-14 days post-hire to reconcile your account.

Iridium is easy to use and provides safety and security if you are travelling independently or when shared amongst a group of friends wanting to keep in touch with home. We have access to numerous handsets to cater for government, industry and commercial needs in addition to individual recreational users.

The 9500 Portable Satellite Phone provides global, reliable voice and data. Iridium Satellite provides solutions for individuals who live and work in areas outside of cellular network coverage, or in places with poor landline services. Satellite calls can be routed directly from the satellite phone to the Iridium satellites orbiting the earth.

The Motorola 9500 series portable satellite phone provides reliable voice and communications, worldwide. Weighing less than 16 ounces, and with a battery life of 20 hours standby and 2 hours talk, the 9500 series is simple to use, supports multiple languages and is data-capable.

Motorola Satellite Phones

Several years ago we were evaluating a new Iridium phone from Motorola. The evaluation 9505 unit was kindly supplied by SatPhoneStore, who sent us one of their rental units to test for twenty days. 9505 satellite phone isn't longer as bulky as earlier 9500 model, but it's still a lot larger and heavier than the latest cell phones. But a portable satellite phone means you are never more than a few dial buttons away from anyone, no matter where in the world you are.

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Iridium/Motorola 9505
with Nokia cell phone zoom in satellite and cell phone

The most immediate thing we noticed about the phone is that it is still big, compared to a cell phone. And when you pick it up - you realize 9505 is not just big, but heavy, too. The phone weighs 14.5 ounces with a high-capacity battery inside, and measures 6¼" x 2½" x 1¾", plus an extra ¾" for the antenna. We can say, the phone is similar in both weight and size to a pound of butter.

The antenna is 9½" when extended for use, and it isn't just a thin wire. It is a barrel with ¾" in diameter. The antenna is rotated behind the body of the phone, but when you want to use the phone, you need to rotate it up above the phone such that it points directly up into the sky, and slide the two part antenna out to extend it to full length. Iridium satellite phone may have to reach as much as 1000 miles to the nearest satellite in the sky, so the bulky antenna is necessary.

There is need for an unobstructed line of sight between satellite phone's antenna and the satellite it is communicating with because satellite phone signals are very weak. This means satellite phones will generally not work indoors, unless you are by a window. Because the Iridium satellites are moving all the time, there is no rule, such as 'you need to have a view of the southeast sky') as might have been the case with fixed satellites in terms of where to look for satellites. Iridium satellites may be anywhere - north, south, east or west, and because they move across the sky quite quickly, if you start off a call with a clear view to a satellite, if the satellite then moves behind something that blocks your view to the satellite, and if there are no other satellites in clear view, your call may be dropped.

If you are in a car, you should use the external antenna that comes with the phone, and mount the antenna on your roof. This is a small low profile magnetic mounted dome, much like a GPS or satellite radio antenna. With the external antenna, the phone worked reasonably well in your car, even when driving on Ontario rural road, but it may have problems in cities when tall buildings may obscure the view of the sky. If you're outside with the phone, but in a forest, the trees may block the satellite signal. If you are on a cruise ship, you'll probably want to go up on deck to be sure of reliably connecting with a satellite to make a call.

Motorola Iridium Satellite Phone Specification

Table: Iridium Motorola 9505 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications:
Operating Frequency: 1616 - 1626.5 MHz, L-Band
Multiplexing Method: TDMA/FDMA
Link Margin: 15.5 dB average
Power: 0.60 Watts average
Standard Battery Life :
Continuous Talk Time: Up to 2.4 hrs (3.6 hours with the optional
High Capacity Battery or 7.6 hrs with the
optional Ultra High Capacity Battery)
Standby Time: Up to 124 hrs (38 hours with the optional
High Capacity Battery or 72 hrs with the
optional Ultra High Capacity Battery)
Mechanical & Environmental:
Weight: Under 375g (13.2 oz)
Volume: Under 375cc (22.9 ci)
Dimensions: 7.60"L x 2.44"W x 2.66 "D
(158mm L x 62mm H x 59mm D)
Operating Temperature: -30ºC - 60ºC

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