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The Sirius S50 is a compact and attractive
satellite radio player

The home kit makes it easy to browse the SIRIUS channel selection, save content, pause and rewind.

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The Sirius S50® allows you to capture and store up to 50 hours of SIRIUS Satellite Radio content, or a mix of SIRIUS® programming and MP3/WMA files, for portable entertainment.

When attached to a home dock, vehicle dock, or executive docking station, the Sirius S50 provides easy access to live broadcasts and saved content, and captures and stores both scheduled and unscheduled SIRIUS programming. This feature allows you to listen to the unique programming provided by SIRIUS which you have saved, in locations where you would ordinarily be unable to receive adequate satellite reception.

When the Sirius S50 is docked and powered on, it gathers content in a variety of ways for listening on the go including My SIRIUS Channels, My Sirius Songs, scheduled recordings, and My Playlists.

The My Sirius Studio PC software which is included allows you to supplement the SIRIUS broadcast content with your own MP3/WMA library when attached to a PC through a USB connection. The PC application also allows for channel and image updates automatically when connected to the SIRIUS website.

The vehicle and home dock utilize a rotary Media Dial for quick and easy navigation. You can turn the Media Dial to find your favorite SIRIUS channel, tilt the Media Dial to pause, rewind, fast-forward, or save a favorite song or show.

Voice-assisted navigation informs you what channel you’ve selected, eliminating the need for you to take their eyes off the road while driving. The Sirius S50 also includes many other features, such as 30 channel presets; a jump button for one-touch tuning to traffic and weather reports or to a favorite SIRIUS channel; a sports ticker that flashes personalized sports scores; and a game alert feature which prompts you when your favorite NFL®, NHL®, NBA®, or other sports teams are playing on SIRIUS.

Equipment Details

The Sirius S50 is an intelligent leap forward in Satellite Radio technology providing integration of both live and time shifted content for portable use, including MP3/WMA support and My SIRIUS Studio PC Software. The simplified user interface has a brilliant color screen, contextual media dial, and voice prompts for safe driving.

Sirius S50 is a personalized satellite radio experience both on air and off. The many docking options have a simplified user interface for live content and up to 50 hours of intelligent time shifted playback. The slim portable player connects with the PC for downloading digital audio files from your personal music collection.

The latest in Satellite Radio technology combines live reception within the home, car, or office with a portable player which boasts a full color screen and over 50 hours of content storage. Add your favorite MP3’s to recorded exclusive content from Sirius for personalized play lists with the PC Software.

When placed in a powered dock with an antenna, the Sirius S50 recieves live broadcasts from Sirius Radio and records content for playback in the home, car or when portable.


The latest S50 features, functions and improvements

The Sirius S50 has new features, functions, and improvements. New PC Software: There are several improvements to the PC Software (My Sirius Studio version Users will find

s50 - the first SIRIUS
wearable satellite radio

a new version of My Sirius Studio software at http://www.sirius.com/s50support. New Firmware: The Sirius S50’s operating system software has an update. This new firmware’s (version 1.0.10) features include: Scheduled recordings on music channels Fast forward and rewind through songs and segments in playback of scheduled recordings Nearly 2x the amount of memory allocated to My Sirius Channels Increased platform stability and improved operation Upgrading the Sirius S50’s firmware is easy. First upgrade the PC Software (described above) and then use the “check for software update” feature within the “Device Settings” option. Updated Internal Graphic and Voice Files: Connecting the Sirius S50 to My Sirius Studio keeps the channel icons and various graphics files up to date if there are channel changes. When there is a channel update, it will refresh the channel icons, voice files, and background images automatically. System Restore: The new version of PC software adds the ability to completely restore the Sirius S50’s operating system to factory default settings. If users are experiencing audio problems with content recorded previous to the update, a system restore should clear the issues. Be advised that the System Restore removes all recorded content. Details Available: Additional information is availabel from the Sirius S50 product support line at 800-869-5364. Get My SIRIUS Studio PC Application Software

S50-EX1 Executive Speaker System

The SIRIUS S50-EX1 Executive Speaker System gives you an elegant, great-sounding way to

People at the gym ask, "Where
can I get that satellite radio?"

Sirius S50-TK1 Satellite
Radio Receiver with Car Kit

play your S50 satellite radio/MP3 player (sold separately) in your home or office. The sleek, black design complements your decór nicely, while a host of features makes it easy to use your S50. The S50 satellite radio sits in the system's dock, nestled between the stereo speakers. The Media Dial in the center panel lets you control all the S50's functions, surf through live SIRIUS programming, and pull up the MP3s you've loaded for playback. The S50-EX1 even offers the Love Button, so you can save your favorite songs whenever you hear them played on SIRIUS. You also get a convenient browse button, a volume knob, and a handy jump button that takes you right to the last channel you were listening to. Each speaker consists of three separate drivers for excellent sound reproduction. You can use the desktop stand to place the system on any flat surface, or hang it on the wall using the included wall-mount bracket. A wireless remote control, an indoor power adapter, and an indoor SIRIUS antenna round out the package. S50 not included.

Carrying Case for Sirius® S50 Satellite Radio "Player."

This is the first wearable device that plays-back your downloaded programs from The Sirius Satellite. You will need a vehicle unit or a some sort of receiver that receives the signal from Sirius and then you load it into the S50 to listen to later. The dimensions for the Sirius S50 Satellite Player are 3.9 by 1.9 by 0.6 inches - which are the inside dimensions of a super-protective Carrying Case made by the Pouch, Inc. expressly to fit the Sirius S50. Our Carrying Cases are custom-made to form-fit every make and model of portable electronics - including the Sirius S50 Satellite Player. Our cases are unique because we don't make it until we receive your carrying case order. No other manufacturer does this and is the principal reason The Pouch, Inc. takes great pride in getting a unique American product recognized World-Wide. This is the Case we make for the Sirius S50 Player using tough, waterproof Neoprene. A long, padded flap with a hard plastic shield embedded in it covers the entire front of the S50, providing four layers of protection to the vulnerable display and controls of the Sirius S50-MP3 Player. You can use the sturdy, spear-in buckle that closes a web belt loop on the back to lock the Pouch onto a belt or purse strap, or if you prefer, for $1.00, we will attach with rivets, a high quality, spring-steel belt clip on the the case. The factory-direct price of The Pouch with belt loop is $29.95 in Basic Black. For an additional $2.00, we will custom-make your case for the Sirius S50 Player in one of our striking, eye-catching colors. No one does color like The Pouch! The Pouch Case for Sirius S50 is found in Handheld-PDA-SmartPhone Section of our Shopping Cart. http://www.thepouch.com/sirius-S50.html


The S50 is not like a walkman - you cannot listen to live SIRIUS while you are walking around. You can, however, record SIRIUS content (and mp3s) to the S50 when it is plugged in and then listen to the recorded content while you are walking around.

Features: SIRIUS satellite radio/MP3 player with portable and car accessories Stores up to 50 hours of content, including SIRIUS programming and MP3/WMA music files Pause, rewind, and fast-forward of live SIRIUS content Portable playback of MP3s, WMAs, and stored SIRIUS content Three personalized My SIRIUS channels feature content automatically captured from your favorite SIRIUS channels Full-color screen shows channel name and number, artist, song title, and MP3/WMA file names Rechargeable battery with up to six hours of life Belt clip Earphones Car cradle and mount (live SIRIUS broadcasts only available when S50 is docked in the cradle) Media Dial Voice-assisted navigation announces SIRIUS channel names, the S50 verbally informs you of the channel names. Indoor AC power adapter Car DC power adapter Car antenna Wireless remote Built-in wireless FM transmitter "broadcasts" the sound over any FM stereo 30 channel presets Jump button takes you to a programmed SIRIUS channel, no matter what you\'re listening to Game Alert tells you when your favorite team is about to play Scrolling sports-scores ticker USB cable for uploading digital music files 1-15/16"W x 3-15/16"H x 3/4"D ====================== The wearable SIRIUS S50 provides subscribers with extensive versatility when it comes to when, where and how they receive their favorite SIRIUS programming. This small satellite radio is full of exciting, easy to navigate features for everyone from the least to the most tech savvy consumer.” So What's In The Box? The SIRIUS S50, wearable accessories (6-hour rechargeable battery, ear buds, belt clip, USB cable and AC adapter) and a car dock, which includes an adhesive mount, custom cigarette lighter power adapter, a remote control, ultra-low profile antenna, DC input and line output. ==================
Table: Sirius s50 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Radio& Antenna Specifications:
Satellite frequencies: 2322.293 to 2330.207 MHz
Terrestrial frequencies: 2326.250 MHz
Headphone output: 18 mW left + 18 mW right @ 16 ohms
Signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB (MP3)
Antenna type: Low-profile magnetic
Antenna cable length: 21 feet
Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Netscape Navigator 4.76
Internet Application: All common TCP/IP applications, UDP or RTP traffic
Interface: USB 1.1 or higher
Satellite & Antenna Specifications:
Encapsulation: DVB
Information Rate: <= 45 Mbps
Symbol Rate: <= 30 Msps
Frequency Range: Ku Band
Modulation (Receive): QPSK
Modulation (Transmit): OQPSK
Bit Error Rate (Receive): 10 -10 or beter
Bit Error Rate (Transmit): 10 -7 or better
Antenna: 74cm oval, 89cm, 98cm and 120cm
Radio: 1 Watt
Encoding: Receive: FEC at rates 7/8, 5/6, 2/3, 1/2
188/204 bute Reed-Solomon block format for DVB); DVB-S
Transmit: Rate 1/2 Convolutional
Mechanical & Environmental:
Media Player Weight: 183g (5.9oz.)
Receiver Dimensions (WxHxD) : 9.65 cm x 4.8 cm x 1.7 cm (3.8” x 1.89” x .67”)
I: 0
O: 5
Remote Control Battery Requirements: ................................................Memory Capacity ..........................................................1 GBAntenna Type ................................................Low Profile MagneticAntenna Cable Length ....................................... 21’ (single micro-cable)Connector Type ................................................SMB (right-angle)Audio Interface ...........................................1/8” / 3.5 mm Stereo JackRemote Control Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) .............10.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 1 cm (4.13” x 1.77” x .39”) ......................................CR2025

Sirius S50 Product Manuals

SIRIUS helped transform the way we listen to radio, and now they're transforming the way we listen to SIRIUS itself with the S50 satellite radio/MP3 player, a wildly innovative blend of features that'll make your listening experience more rewarding. When docked in its cradle, it plays live SIRIUS broadcasts, captures SIRIUS content, and lets you store and listen to your favorite MP3 or WMA files. With its included accessories, you can play it over your car stereo, or

"executive" docking station
that works in the office via
a Speaker Docking System

take it with you and listen wherever you go. The S50's internal memory stores up to 50 hours of content — your favorite SIRIUS programming, your MP3/WMA files, or any combination of the two. When you're listening to SIRIUS, you can pause, rewind, and fast-forward live broadcasts. And when you want to save content, just press the "Love" button on the cradle — it's the one marked with a heart. The included accessories let you use the S50 as a portable player. Charge up the battery with the AC power adapter, slip on the earphones, and check out your digital music files and stored SIRIUS content (the S50 can receive live SIRIUS broadcasts only when docked in its cradle) — the battery provides up to six hours of life. A belt clip is also included. The bright, legible, full-color screen shows you channel, artist, and song titles on SIRIUS, as well as the names of your digital music files. The S50 is smart, too — it learns which SIRIUS channels you listen to most, then captures content from your favorites and stores them in three different channels, which you listen to anytime you want. To avoid repetition, the S50 plays back the oldest content first. You'll also get the accessories you'll need to play the S50 over your car stereo — a cradle that allows the S50 to receive live SIRIUS broadcasts, a car mount, a DC power adapter, a remote control, and a roof-mount antenna. The cradle's Media Dial makes it super-easy for you to surf through all the great SIRIUS programming and save your favorite content. Voice-assisted navigation announces the name of the channel you've just tuned into, so you can find your favorite channels without taking your eyes off the road. A built-in wireless FM transmitter "broadcasts" the sound over an unused frequency on any FM stereo — there's no complicated installation process. If your in-dash stereo has an auxiliary input, you can connect the S50 directly to it for even better sound. You can save 30 channels as presets, plus program the Jump button to take you immediately to your favorite channel. Select your favorite NFL, NHL, and NBA teams in Game Alert, and you'll be notified whenever they're playing. A customizable sports ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen, keeping you up-to-date on the latest action. Coming soon are an optional home kit that lets you listen to the S50 over your home stereo, and a desktop/wall-mountable Executive Powered Speaker System, which acts as a handy boombox.

Sirius Satellite Radio announced its holiday lineup of products today, the star of which is the Sirius S50, the company's first portable player. The iPod-sized device will store as much as 50

People at the gym ask, "Where
can I get that satellite radio?"

hours of Sirius radio programming and can also be used to play your own MP3 and WMA files. The S50 ($359.99 direct) will gather and refresh content from your three favorite Sirius channels, but you can also opt to save any song or program while you are listening to it. "Any time you are listening to a song, you can record it at the touch of a button," said Todd Goodnight, senior director of product management at Sirius. The S50 has 1GB of flash memory for storage, but only half of that can be used to store MP3s, the rest is reserved for Sirius content. Capacity will depend on how large your music files are, but Goodnight estimates that the S50 can hold as much as 17 hours of MP3/WMA files. Although you can load your MP3 files onto the device, you can't take Sirius content off. The Sirius S50 measures 1.9 by 3.9 inches and 0.7 inches thick and weighs 6.5 ounces. The color display currently shows the song, artist, and channel logo of what you are listening to, but Goodnight says it could be used to display album art or artist photos in the future. "We designed it to be a small, easily wearable music player that would always give users access to their favorite music," said Goodnight. Goodnight said that storing content locally on the device is the only way to offer that reliability at this point. XM beat Sirius to the portable market with the release of the Delphi MyFi XM2Go ($299.99 direct), earlier this year. Since then Pioneer has followed-up with Pioneer's Airware XM2Go ($299.99 direct), which can both receive XM radio channels and store as much as 5 hours of radio on its 128MB of internal memory. (Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the Pioneer Airware XM2Go.) Both of these units weight about 7 ounces. The S50 will be available on the Sirius Web site in mid-September and in retail stores in October. It ships with a 6-hour rechargeable battery, ear buds, belt clip, armband, USB cable, and AC adapter. Also included is the car dock that includes an adhesive mount, custom cigarette lighter power adapter, a remote control, ultra-low-profile antenna, DC input, and line output is also standard. Although the car dock has an audio out that can be connected to your home stereo, the company also offers a $99.99 home dock that connects to speakers and PCs and includes audio mixing for PC sound pass-through, a remote control, home antenna, USB cable, audio cable and power supply. Other products that Sirius plans to offer this fall include the Sirius Executive Docking Station

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S50 Manual and Sirius Channel Gudie

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Satellite Radio Manual
Data Sheet

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S50 satellite radio

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