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Satellite Internet Service

DiRECWAY Business Edition

High-performance satellite Internet service
 to meet the demands of government, teleworkers,
 franchises or retail outlets

Internet service with an edge for government and medium size businesses.
DirecWayT Business Edition provides premium performance at a value price. This service is versatile enough to be used in branch offices, affiliates' premises, and government office locations and for teleworkers.

No need to keep your phone busy
With DiRECWAY two-way satellite connection, you won't tie up your primary phone line or need to install an expensive second line for your Internet connection. Stay connected as long as you like without worrying about missing important phone calls. No more waiting for an old-fashioned Internet dial-up connection. Keep calling!

Secure and affordable broadband access for medium sized businesses, government institutions and teleworkers.

We currently provide 2-seats as the entry-level service; 5-, 10-, and 20-seats are also available.

Product Features
To get connected all you need is a DirecWayT satellite dish (typically a 0.74m dish) installed at your business so it faces the southern sky. Coaxial lines connect your dish to a "satellite modem". This modem is directly connected to your PC. No phone lines are needed after initial setup. The system is installed and activated by expert installers.Unlike one-way Internet via satellite, 2-Way offers download and upload capabilities straight from the dish. This means that no phone lines are required to surf the net, or to send important files and emails to friends, customers and suppliers.

Isn't it time to let go of that slow phone modem? DirecWayT gives you a broadband connection, so you can get more excitement out of the Internet than you ever thought possible - without the wait or hassle!
2-Way DirecWayT allows users to download Internet content at speeds of up to 400++ kbps.That's 8 times faster than the average modem.
The DiRECWAY system provides a satellite return channel with upload speeds rated at up to 128 kbps (50-70Kbps typical).  This is still considerably faster than most modems. You can now download a 2MB file in just 30 to 40 seconds.

In order to get connected :

 With DiRECWAY, you get a reliable, secure communications solution that offers high-speed Internet access, e-mail, and other essential business applications on a single platform.

DiRECWAY gives your small business access to the same advanced technology that powers global enterprises--no matter where you're located.

Rate Plan
To gain access to high-speed Internet virtually anywhere in Canada, please refer to the following tables.

Type of client: If the system is being installed in a commercial or government facility, commercial rates will be applied.

Antenna Size: For determining what antenna size is right for you.

Installation: Cost depends on location (geographical) and type of installation (flat roof, inclined roof, wall, post, etc.). Note that you MUST have a clear line of sight to the South in order to install your DirecWayT 2-Way High-Speed Internet system.

Home Edition Subscription Plan
Type of Clients Users* Monthly Price** Fixed IP E-mail Accounts***
Business Edition (Commercial/Government) 2+ $180 $169.95 Included 5

* User (Seat) - A seat is the number of users for which your subscription is intended. One seat gives access to 400Kbps++ download and up to 128Kbps upload speeds. More seats give access to higher download speeds (intended to be shared among users).
Note: It is not unusual to experience much higher download speeds than what your subscription gives you access to.
** Monthly Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. These prices are based on a one (1) year contract.
*** Additional e-mail accounts available upon request - minimal charge.

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Internet via satellite for trader
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Satellite Internet connection in Caribbean 
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