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For DW7000 customers, you cannot combine services on one dish any longer due to new satellite assignments. For DW6000 and earlier customers, the capability to use one dish remains an option, however, should you upgrade later this may no longer work

HughesNet and DirecTV can share the same physical dish as long as it is the HughesNet dish. A DirecTV dish will not work for HughesNet operation.

HughesNet broadband and DIRECTV® television services, hardware, and installation are sold separately. They are both products of Hughes Network Systems, however, because they are separate entities, billing cannot be combined.

Because many people want just one satellite dish, option kits are available to add DirecTV services to your HughesNet dish. These vary by dealer or distributor but generally cost $60 to $100 each. Separate installation charges may also exist. Based on your geographic location, you may need more than one kit (up to 3) to access high-definition and/or local channels.

HughesNet and DirecTV

We highly recommend you keep the two products on separate dishes, as ugly or undesired as it may appear to be. Should HughesNet or DirecTV ever need to repoint you to a different satellite at some future date, you may have to buy new option kits. Further, HughesNet dishes must be peaked to HughesNet settings and as such you may see a slight loss of signal strength on the DirecTV side. Rain fade may be reduced if both DirecTV and HughesNet dishes are kept separate and peaked on their respective satellites.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote on the option kits should you still want to pursue combined services.

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Motorola/Iridium 9500 zoom in 9500 pelican case

A friend of mine told me it's possible to get high-speed Internet access via satellite. Is it also possible to get both the Internet and TV from the same satellite dish?

A: It is. Hughes Electronics, the company behind DirecTV, also offers DirecPC, a service that lets you receive the Internet on your PC at speeds of up to 400 kilobits per second (compared to 56 kbps for the fastest telephone modem). You can get both DirecTV and DirecPC in the same package, but it ain't cheap. You'll need to buy a special satellite dish capable of receiving both Internet and television signals, as well as a satellite modem and a DirecTV receiver. That hardware will run you about $500. Then prepare to pay the usual charges for satellite TV, along with $30 a month for just 25 hours of Internet access (or $50 for 100 hours).

Unless you live in a remote area, you're probably better off waiting for cable modem service or DSL to become available. Either one would be less expensive than the satellite option for high-speed Internet

Can I get DIRECTV and HughesNet on the same dish?

No. We have discontinued this configuration as HughesNet works best when operated on a dedicated satellite dish. You may have a 2-Dish solution that allows you to get DIRECTV on one dish and HughesNet on the other dish. The cost is the same and the performance is better.

Add DirecTV or Dish Network with the Universal Bracket for Direcway

The MSS can be installed with the Universal TV Bracket that allows you to watch satellite television and get internet access at the same time. This is a simple and low cost accessory item allows you to get your existing DirectTV or Dish Network service with your satellite TV receiver box. Installation is a snap.

The Universal Bracket kit will connect you to a wide variety of satellites. It also contains the "Lipstick" LNB that has a 2 degree offset from the Direcway satellite. This product can be installed by your MSS Installer.

Direcway Universal Bracket Markers

Below are the marker location where you need to slide the LNB to recieve a DirecTV or Dish Network satellite feed.

Direcway 89 (IA-8) DirecTV 101 Mark 8 on Universal Bracket A (not verified) Dish Network 101= Mark 8 on Universal Bracket A (not verified) Direcway 91 (G11) DirecTV 101 Mark 6 on Universal Bracket A (not verified) Dish Network 101= Mark 6 on Universal Bracket A (not verified) Direcway Sat 99 (G4R) DirecTV 101 = Use Lipstick 2 degree LNB Dish Network 101 = Use Lipstick 2 degree LNB DirecTV 110 = Mark 8 on Universal Bracket A Dish Network 110 = Mark 8 on Universal Bracket A DirecTV 119 = Mark 18 on Universal Bracket A Dish Network 119 = Mark 18 on Universal Bracket A Direcway Sat 116.8 (SatMEX 5) DirecTV 101 = Mark 14 on Universal Bracket B Dish Network 101 = Mark 14 on Universal Bracket B DirecTV 110 = Mark 2 on Universal Bracket B Dish Network 110 = Mark 2 on Universal Bracket B DirecTV 119 = Use Lipstick 2 degree LNB Dish Network 119 = Use Lipstick 2 degree LNB Direcway 127 (Horizons1) DirecTV 119 = Mark 15 (apx.) on Universal Bracket B (not verified) Dish Network 119 = Mark 15 (apx.) on Universal Bracket B (not verified)

High-speed Internet and satellite TV on one dish

Hughes Network Systems (HNS) announces that two-way DirecPC satellite Internet access, coupled with DirecTV broadband satellite service, will lm available to RVers in the near future. Utilizing a single 30-inch dual-function dish, the new service will allow RVers to receive Internet access and more than 200 TV channels. The new service will be marketed through the more than 26,000 retail and distribution outlets currently caming Hughes products and services. Offering always-on capability, the high-speed satellite service allows consumers to bypass the telephone network and land-based choke points on the lnternet. "DirecPC makes truly universal broadband access a really for consumers and enterprises alike." said Pradman Kaul, chairman and CEO, HNS. "With its launch, consumers will now have access to broadband Internet services. With broadband satellite ser_ vices, we can deliver applications to suit the needs of the Web-centric user everywhere." Thc new two-way- terminal will support small office/ home office and enterprise applications, such as IP multicasting and content delivery. DirecPC and DirecTV: will be available on the same dish.

DirecWay DUO Kit for DirecTV

DirecWay also offers a DirecTV DUO Kit which allows you to receive both DirecWay and DirecTV from one dish. Now there is no need to have 2 or more dishes on your roof, Just this one get the job done!

Duo Kit FAQ: Q: What is the DirecWay DUO Kit? A: The DirecWay DUO Kit will add the ability to receive DirecTV from your new DirecWay dish. Q: Will this kit save me money on my DirecTV bill? A: No, DirecWay and DirecTV DO NOT bill together. Q: Can I receive DirecTV High Definition programming from this DirecWay DUO Kit? A: No, This DirecWay DUO kit only work with standard DirecTV definition programming. Q: Will using this DirecWay DUO kit get me better or worse results? A: The only advantage for using this kit is curb appeal. It look much cleaner to have only one dish installed on a house, but if this is not an issue for you, save some money and use two dishes. Q: I already have a DirecTV Dish, Can I Receive DirecWay from that dish? A: No, The DirecWay dish is more precise and also transmits a signal. Your DirecTV dish will not work. Q: I already Have DirecTV and I want a DirecWay DUO Kit. A: Your DirecWay installer will install your DirecWay dish with a DUO Kit, Remove your old DirecTV dish and connect the DUO kit to your existing wiring. Q: Will the DirecWay installer install my NEW DirecTV system? A: He will install the DUO kit and get it ready for the DirecTV installer but a DirecTV installer will come out to install your TV later.

Want to add Directv to your DirecWay System? (#6305) A: Directv can be added to your DiRECWAY system, by adding a DUO Kit. Choose the right kit(s) for your DiRECWAY system, based on your satellite location. Note: If using multiple Duo Kits, a multiswich will be required. Directv Satellites 101- Primary Directv Programming 110- Local Channels (In some markets) & High Definition Programming. 119- Local Channels (In some markets) & High Definition Programming & Spanish Programming. Duo Kits for Satellite G11 (91) 101- Duo Kit C 110- N/A 119- N/A Duo Kits for Satellite G4R (99) 101- Duo Kit A 110- 110 LNB "Used with Duo Kit B" 119- Duo Kit B Duo Kits for Satellite Satmex 5 (117) 101- Duo Kit B 110- 110 LNB "Used with Duo Kit B" 119- Duo Kit A

Universal 101 Degree Duo Kit

A DirecWay Dish can be used to receive DirecTV programming with the addition of an upgrade kit. This Universal DIRECTV Upgrade Kit is used to install an off-axis LNB for the DIRECTV satellite at 101° on a satellite antenna pointed at an on-axis DIRECWAY® satellite. Use this kit to add an LNB for the 101° satellite only. Do not attempt to capture signals from other satellites. The LNB is placed in a feed clamp and installed on a rail, which is attached to the antenna feed arm. The LNB is positioned at the proper location along the rail. Each kit contains two mounting pads, pad A and pad B. Mounting pad A is attached to the rail at the factory and is used to attach the rail to the right side of the feed arm (the right side as you are facing the reflector, also known as the dish). If you need to attach the rail to the left side of the feed arm, you would remove pad A and attach pad B. This kit should be installed by a professional installer.

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