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 Leading edge Satellite Internet Service
targeted to servicing the needs of small businesses,
 at-home professionals and families

Satellite Internet with an edge for small office/home office.

DiRECWAY Internet via satellite Home Edition provides premium performance at a value price. This satellite Internet service is versatile enough to be used in your store, small office, or home office and ideal for families and teleworkers.

With Satellite Internet service no need to keep your phone busy

With a DiRECWAY 2-Way satellite connection, you won't tie up your primary phone line or need to install an expensive second line for your Internet connection. Stay connected as long as you like without worrying about missing important phone calls. No more waiting for an old-fashioned Internet dial-up connection. Keep calling!

Satellite Internet Connection Product Features

To get connected all you need is a DiRECWAY satellite dish (typically a 0.74m dish) installed at your home or office so it faces the southern sky. Coaxial lines connect your dish to a "satellite modem". This modem is directly connected to your PC. No phone lines are needed after initial set-up. The satellite Internet system is installed and activated by expert installers. Unlike one-way Internet via satellite, 2-Way DiRECWAY satellite Internet offers download and upload capabilities straight from the dish. This means that no phone lines are required to surf the net, or to send important files and emails to friends, customers and suppliers.

Initial Hardware Cost: $499.95 CDN
Monthly Service Fee: $89.95 CDN

 * Costs do not include a certified installation


Broadband Satellite Internet Speed

Isn't it time to let go of that slow phone modem? DiRECWAY satellite Internet service gives you a broadband connection, so you can get more excitement out of the Internet than you ever thought  possible - without the wait or hassle.
2-Way DiRECWAY service allows users to download Internet content at speeds of up to 400++ kbps. That's 8 times faster than the average modem. The DiRECWAY broadband satellite system provides a satellite return channel with upload speeds rated at up to 128 kbps (50-70Kbps typical).  This is still considerably faster than most modems. You can now download a 2MB file in just 30 to 40 seconds.

Broadband Satellite Internet Speed

The satellite communications industry is a mature and stable one. For decades, satellites have been used to transport analog voice and video signals around the globe, providing excellent quality and reliability. Reliability of the actual satellites once placed in operation approaches 100%. Failures have almost always occurred during launch or prior to deployment of services. In addition to voice and video signals, satellites have been successfully used to transport data for many years. Everyone has seen the dishes on top of gas stations and convenience stores that are used for low-speed transactions such as credit card approvals. With the advent of the Internet, satellite technology companies have added broadband IP support making it possible for even the most remote locations to participate in the World Wide Web.
Most legacy broadband satellite solutions have been built by piggybacking IP on top of DVB satellite technology, which was designed for television video. These solutions are inefficient and sluggish, and generally provide poor uplink performance and lack support for applications such as VoIP. New technology from iDirect, developed from the ground up to support IP over satellite, has had the effect of upgrading performance in a manner that is similar to the upgrade from a shared Ethernet hub to a switch. The resulting solution provides enterprise class quality and reliability.

 Do you need broadband phone at home? 

We understand your fast-paced world and have designed a High-Speed Satellite Internet solution with you in mind.

Bringing convenience of satellite Internet directly to you!

At the cottage?
Get satellite Internet connection with DiRECWAY. 
We provide the satellite Internet solution to help your business grow and prosper - no matter where you live!

Since the satellite Internet era began, we have offered a complete line of broadband satellite Internet equipment and service levels.

We are a full-service broadband satellite Internet access provider, with satellite Internet service deployed to thousands residential users.

We offer satellite Internet services powered by the award-winning DiRECWAY platform from Hughes Network Systems. Satellites include the Eutelsat W1, Galaxy 11, Galaxy 4R, and Horizons 1 operated by PanAmSat, as well as the SATMEX5 satellite.

Satellite Internet Provider Rate Plan

If you are installing this system at a small office-home office, you qualify for SOHO type of client.

Home Edition Subscription Plan
Type of Clients Users* Monthly Price** Fixed IP E-mail Accounts***
SOHO(Small Office/HomeOffice) 2+ $140 $89.95 Not available with SOHO 5

* User (Seat) - A seat is the number of users for which your subscription is intended. One seat gives access to 400Kbps++ download and up to 128Kbps upload speeds. More seats give access to higher download speeds (intended to be shared among users).
Note: It is not unusual to experience much higher download speeds than what your subscription gives you access to.
** Monthly Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. These prices are based on a one (1) year contract.
*** Additional e-mail accounts available upon request - minimal charge.

Satellite Internet Service for your small business or medium business
High-performance satellite Internet access to meet the demands of government, teleworkers, franchises or retail outlets.

A Satellite Internet Provider for Enterprise-Class IP solutions
Check reliable, convenient, high-speed satellite Internet service for schools, hospitals, large institutions and enterprises.

Add a VoIP to Satellite Internet connection
Phone calls with Direcway. Read all about our VoIP product line.

Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions
Install a mobile satellite Internet dish on your RV or other vehicle.

High-Speed Satellite Internet Solutions
With satellite Internet Access the rural areas without cable or DSL service are able to support almost any kind of business.

Compare DiRECWAY  Satellite Internet platforms
Compare our Direcway satellite Internet platforms DW6000 and DW4000 platforms.

Internet via satellite for trader
We successfully installed Internet via satellite system for a customer who is trading on the stock markets, under the bright light of the African sky.

Satellite Internet connection in Caribbean 
By utilizing Direcway system, satellite Internet connection was made available throughout the cottage and garden, thus providing a true home working ability.

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