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 Antex SIRIUS Multi-zone Receiver

SIRIUS Triple Play
Antex SRX-3

         The World's first multi-zone satellite radio Receiver

SRX-3 TriplePlay by Antex Electronics - the world's first high-fidelity 3 zone satellite radio receiver using the revolutionary SIRIUS® Satellite Radio technology

Triple Play - Sirius Satellite Receiver Description

First-generation satellite radio tuners were car audio units; the next models could move between home and office, and back to the car; and more recently, dedicated home receivers were introduced. The Antex Triple Play SRX-3 represents the logical next evolutionary step--a $1,999 list Sirius radio designed for the booming multiroom and custom installation market.

Browse the offerings on XM or Sirius and, in minutes, you will find wonderful music you never knew existed.  There are so many great tunes that you may want to listen to three stations at once—which is exactly what Antex Electronics’ SRX-3 TriplePlay Sirius receiver lets you do.

The SRX-3's half-inch-thick sculpted metal faceplate and robust construction standards bespeak a high-end aesthetic. Great, but we had a little trouble reading the backlit LCD; after squeezing in three sets of Sirius stream names, channel numbers, and artist names, each readout is rather small. The viewing angle of the LCD is limited, it's way too bright at night, and Antex doesn't provide an option of dimming or turning off the display. Then again, Antex's product designers assume most end users will stash the SRX-3 in a closet or equipment rack and rely on their home automation displays to deliver Sirius stream information.

Three stereo analog and three optical digital outputs are provided to feed up to three zones or rooms. The only other connectors of note are the RS-232 port and the IR remote-control input that work in conjunction with home automation systems. A high-quality indoor/outdoor omni-directional Sirius satellite antenna is supplied with the SRX-3.

The curvy little plastic remote doesn't look or feel very high end, but it can select among the three zones and 10 stream presets. Again, most SRX-3 owners will jettison the remote and instead use their home automation system to control the unit.

The SRX-3 is a rack-sized box with a nice slab of gray matte aluminum for a faceplate. To the left of the pale-blue-backlit liquid-crystal display are buttons for power, category up/down, select, channel up/down, and, closer to the display, zone. On the right are a preset button and numeric keys, 0 through 9. Most of these controls are duplicated on a bare-bones remote, although you might never use it, because you'll either be in the same room with the unit or you'll operate it with whatever interface your custom installer installs.

Operating the unit face to face is simple and, if you've never used satellite radio before, rather fun. The category up/down keys make big jumps among channels. The station up/down keys navigate within each category. For more efficient surfing you can program the unit—pardon me, program each zone—to skip undesired channels. Each zone can also have up to 10 presets. The alpha human may also block channels in each zone, either out of parental concern or sheer cussedness. ("No Howard for you until you get your grades up. And you'd better rake those leaves, or I'll block the Death-Metal Porno Rap channel, too." "Aw, Mom!")

The blue LCD measures 2 inches high by 2.5 inches wide. Although it's pretty enough, you can only read it close up. It also has a limited viewing angle, as I discovered when some other review samples came in and the Antex had to move to the bottom of my rack. I had to get down on all fours, like some lesser primate, to get my face low enough to read it.

   Description of SRX-3 TriplePlay Sirius Radio

SRX-3 TriplePlay, tailored to the needs of the custom installer dealer base and high-end audio or home theater enthusiast, is designed to be integrated into a multiroom, multizone audio distribution system. Designed to give you the utmost in value-add and return-on-investment, TriplePlay allows for quick installation with minimum set-up time. The satellite receiver only needs an easily installed omnidirectional satellite antenna with a single LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) to receive the SIRIUS satellite signal. Once connected, the receiver can be operated locally or remotely via a single controller port which interfaces to a wide range of 3rd party controllers.

TriplePlay let’s you select from 60 original music channels or from more than 40 channels of non-music programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hear today's hits to R&B oldies to classical masterpieces, from authentic country and real bluegrass to cool jazz, hot Latin, reggae, rock, dance, gospel, new age and even kid’s music. TriplePlay also gives you instant access to 40 plus channels of world class news, sports and entertainment from CNBC, CNN, BBC World Service, E! Entertainment Radio, ABC News & Talk and NPR Now, ESPN, The Speed Channel and engaging entertainment from the golden age of radio on Radio Classics and Radio Disney.

What’s more, TriplePlay gives the user the option to select the programming for 3 independent listening zones, while being able to independently control the operation of the receiver from each of those zones. With TriplePlay, a family can be listening to the latest top 10 in your living room, sports in the family room and the latest breaking news around the world in your bedroom.

Sirius Radio SRX-3 Antex

Sirius Radio Antex SRX-3
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Satellite Sirius Radio - Antex
 Triple Play
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  Features Antex Receiver - Sirius Satellite

Easy to install – Easy to operate
TriplePlay is designed for easy installation. In operation, the satellite receiver needs only a single antenna to operate. Sirius programming content via the single RF input is split internally after demodulation into 3 data paths, each containing the complete range of Sirius streams. Independent control of each of the 3 sets of streams is achieved through the use of wired or wireless controllers located remotely within the 3 zones of the house via a data port or infrared jack. Direct control of the receiver can also be done through the use of an infrared wireless remote control located at the receiver or by pressing the appropriate buttons on the receiver cabinet.

For added convenience, Antex Electronics provides drivers to communicate with controllers from a variety of providers in the CEDIA channel including but not limited to Crestron, Niles, Elan, Sonance etc.

The large main display on the receiver cabinet provides the means to show PDT (Program Descriptive Text / Program Display Text) data and other information necessary for the operation of the TriplePlay receiver. The same information will be available through a data port designed to connect to 3rd party remote controllers located in each of the 3 zones. The satellite receiver also lets you scroll categories and channels within a specific zone individually.

TriplePlay provides multiple audio outputs, analog and digital, to serve each of the 3 zones. All that’s then needed is to connect the receiver’s analog and/or digital outputs to an appropriate audio distribution controller.

Analog and Digital Outputs - Compatibility with the past, present and future is guaranteed with TriplePlay’s analog and digital outputs. The receiver supplies TOSLink Digital S/PDIF Output and RCA Stereo Outputs for each zone.

Channel Skip Control - TriplePlay can be programmed to designate a group of channels that are the most desirable or to exclude undesirable channels in the scanning process. While in operation, the entire universe of channels may still be scanned using the regular channel commands.

Sirius Radio Antex TriplePlay
Sirius Radio Receiver - SRX-3
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Sirius Satellite Receiver Antenna
SRX-3 Antenna - Sirius Radio Receiver
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- TriplePlay comes with an easily installable high gain omnidirectional antenna - small in size, big in performance.

Of course, it is unlikely you will use TriplePlay to listen to alternative rock, old-school rap and bluegrass simultaneously in the same room (although you could). Antex’s intention in developing TriplePlay is to source satellite radio for multiroom audio systems, which provide sound for an entire house from a central location. Since a multiroom audio system serves every family member at once, it is easy to envision a satellite radio receiver alternating from hip-hop to traditional jazz every few seconds as a father and his teenage son fight for control from their respective bedrooms. TriplePlay eliminates this problem by incorporating three Sirius tuners in one component.

A front display shows what’s playing on each of the three tuners; on the readout, you see the channel name and number, the artist name and the song title.  You can store as many as 10 presets for each of the zones, making it easy to flip through your favorite stations. If your  multiroom system’s keypads include numeric keys, you can select your favorite stations by number.

Sirius Satellite Radio Display
TriplePlay Display - Sirius Satellite Radio
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Remote Controller Sirius Satellite Radio
SRX-3 Remote Controller
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Separate satellite radio feeds for up to three rooms? The SRX-3 makes it easy. Just select your material from the front display (left) or use the remote (right) or a programmable keypad to flip through your favorites.

Seeing which station is playing, though, can be complicated.  Antex offers software that allows a Crestron touchscreen to control Triple-Play; the Crestron screen shows what’s playing in each zone.  The company says it will have software for AMX screens finished by the time you read this, and plans to produce software for other control devices, too. However, if your home is not touchscreen-equipped, you will have to rely on the presets and your ear to tell you what’s on, unless you want to sprint to the closet housing your multiroom audio system.

Front Control Panel - TriplePlay gives the user the ability to locally control the operation of the receiver and view it’s status instantly. You can even choose from 3 settings to dim the main display.

Multizone Display - TriplePlay provides access to a wealth of information from a single display on the front cabinet. Capable of graphical image display, multiple font and character sizes, the multizone display gives the user instant status of the receiver in the setup, category list, parental lock and normal modes of operation.

Full Function Remote Control - TriplePlay comes with a full function remote control. The controller emulates the power of the receiver’s front panel, giving the user complete control over all the receiver’s functions.

  Technical Specifications
Antex SRX-3 SIRIUS Receiver
Satellite Radio --Sirius  
   Physical:  Single SMA to Antenna
   Input Frequency: S band
   Input Level: -65dBm to -20dBm
   Input Impedance: 50 ohms
  Demod/Descrambling: SIRIUS Proprietary
  Analog Performance/Connectors
   Compression: ePAC
   Conversion: 24 bit D/A
   Frequency Response: 20 to 20kHz ± 3dB
   Harmonic Distortion: < 0.02%
   Output Level: 2VRMS maximum
   LNA Supply: 7.5 volts, 250mA
   Power Input:  85-140VAC, 50-60Hz
   Certifications:  UL, FCC Part 15 Class B
   Operating Environment:  0-40C, 0-95%
   Input Frequency:  Min: 2.32GHz, Max: 2.33GHz
   LNA Noise:  0.7 dB at 25 °C typical
   LNA Gain :  42dB typical
   Operating Temperature:  -40°C to +85°C
   Power Requirements:  5.3-8Vdc
   Cable Type:  RG58U
  Mechanical & Environmental
    Dimensions:  17.75" W x 3.5" H x 12" D 

Sirius Satellite Radio Antex Receiver Manual
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Antex SRX-3 Sirius Satellite Radio
User's Manual

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