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Starchoice® receiver uses the Motorola-proprietary Digicipher II system which has so far been virtually free of the problems with pirate decryption that have plagued other providers such as, their rival on Canada's sat TV market, Bell ExpressVu zoom in satellite tv antenna

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Have you been looking all over the internet for the latest information on Star choice Canada satellite TV ? What about the latest satellite tv secrets, tips, or even articles on satellite TV from StarChoice? If you have, then we are happy to inform you that your search for satellite television has ended here. We have created those pages on HighSpeedSat website because many our customers used to spend too much time searching for canadian Star Choise satellite TV equipment.

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  • Starchoice™ satellite systems are made by Motorola and provide 100% digital picture and amazing sound, with the top models delivering crystal-clear high-definition pictures and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The DSR205 system is value-priced and ready for Surround Sound, and the DSR315 system turns it up a notch with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The DSR505 HD and DVR530 HD both satisfy home-theatre enthusiasts who want to experience the finer details of high-definition broadcasts.

    Star Choice TV dishzoom in tv dish star choice

    Starchoice is Canada's second direct broadcast satellite television distributor (the other is Bell ExpressVu), and is majority-owned by cable TV operator Shaw Communications Inc. As of 2006, Star Choice had over 855,000 subscribers. Star Choice broadcasts on Ku band from two communications satellites, Anik F1 at 107.3°W and Anik F2 at 111.1°W; these satellites are owned by Telesat Canada and otherwise are used primarily to distribute programming to various Canadian cable TV companies. Anik F1 carries most mainstream English-language programming; Anik F2 programming includes French-language and HDTV broadcasts.

    TV Satellite Receivers

    The system requires an elliptical antenna of at least 45x60cm in size with a special LNB pair built as one unit to accommodate the narrow 3.8° spacing between satellites. The satellite tv receiver uses the Motorola proprietary Digicipher II system which has so far been virtually free of the problems with pirate decryption that have plagued other providers such as rival Bell ExpressVu. The standard 18" DBS antennas used by other providers are not compatible with this system as the signals differ in both frequency and polarization, due to StarChoice being relayed via FSS satellites, Anik F1 and F2 in this case.

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    The DSR205 is entry-level receiver opens up the world of satellite TV with its 100% digital picture. Its ultra compact size makes it ideally suited for your second or third TVs in your home. More about Motorola dsr205 ...

    317 antenna and recevier


    The DSR317 compact size boasts digital S-Video signal and Dolby Digital 5.1. It includes both optical digital outputs and RCA outputs to connect to your home stereo system for sound quality to match the crisp picture you get from our satellites. More about Motorola dsr317 ...

    starchoice dsr 505


    The DSR505 HD is an integrated receiver and high-definition decoder. It perfects the home-theatre experience. All you need is an elliptical dish, and an HD-ready TV. More about Motorola dsr505 ...

    starchoise dsr 505


    The new DVR530 HD also features a 160-GB hard drive and dual tuners that let you pause, play, rewind and record live TV in both high and standard definitions, while watching another program. More about Motorola dvr530 ...

    Star Choice Implementation / Technology and Equipment


    star choice receiver

    Star-choice receiverszoom in sat tv receivers

    The physical equipment that delivers your programming is divided it into two categories: What’s outside the home, and what’s inside. Outside, you install either a 60 cm or a 75 cm elliptical dish, depending on where you live in Canada. The dish is attached to the wall with specially designed brackets. Satellite TV professional installers will find the best location to get optimum exposure to our two satellites for the best signal reception.

    LNBs collect TV signals

    After the dish collects the signals, the LNBF (Low Noise Block Feed), the neck piece that sticks up from your dish, does its part. First, it changes the frequency into one that works with the receiver. Then, it amplifies the signal to ensure quality pictures and sound. It also breaks the signal into four streams, so it can work with up to four receivers. If you have more than four TVs, you can use a separate digital to get the signal to as many as eight receivers.


    Inside, there are two parts. There’s the receiver and the remote control. The receiver is the guts of your system. It decodes the satellite signal into something your television can understand. All receivers come with the onscreen program guide and a universal remote control.

    Different programming on more than one TV?

    If you want to watch different programming on your TV sets, you need to have a receiver for each set. Star Choice makes it easy to add receivers. If you have two or more receivers, you'll be charged a $4.99 Multi-Receiver Fee each month. But that fee is waived if you subscribe to certain programming packages. As a bonus, all of your receivers will be covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

    You can pay to have your starchoise receiver hooked up to two television sets. This lets you watch the same program on two TVs, or turn off one TV and watch the other.

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