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Starmate ST1 is the most compact, integrated SIRIUS plug & play to date. A car dockingkit is included, allowing you to enjoy the diversity of Sirius satellite radio while you're on the road.

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The Starmate Satellite Receiver brings Sirius commercial-free digital entertainment to your ears virtually anywhere. This compact, lightweight tuner provides you with access to more than 60 channels of music, as well as more than 50 channels of sports, news and entertainment, so you'll never be bored by the same old programming. With 30 station presets, finding your favorite channel is a breeze. When you hear something you really enjoy, the Starmate can save up to 20 titles and artists, so it's easy to remember the name of that hot new song. A car docking kit is included, allowing you to enjoy the diversity of Sirius satellite radio while you're on the road

Starmate — a space age name for a space-saving SIRIUS tuner. This little marvel measures just 4" wide and just over 1" deep — but it packs a big punch. It gives you an easy-to-read 3-line display that showcases artist, song title, and channel information. A handy wireless remote is also included for convenient system operation.

Right out of the box, you'll be able to use it in your vehicle — a car kit (which features a suction-cup mount, a roof-mount antenna, and a DC power adapter) is included in the package.

With the Sirius Starmate ST1, you can connect to any car stereo with ease right out of the box, and get digital sound quality thanks to the versatile car kit which is included in the package.

The super cool Starmate Sirius receiver is designed to be as flexible as it is compact. The small design of the unit will fit in even the tightest of spaces in your vehicle, making it easier to install. With Sirius you aren't just getting 60 streams of music that are 100% commercial free, you're getting music presented by people who know and love the music through this stylish, and simple to use receiver.


Save the names of up to 30 songs or artists, and S-Seek will tell you anytime one of them is playing across the SIRIUS dial. You can also save the name of your favorite NFL team, and the system will alert you whenever they're playing.

You can use the Starmate Replay at home with the help of the optional home kit.

Note:A subscription to SIRIUS is also required. Satellite radio service is available in Canada and within the lower 48 states — not available in Hawaii or U.S. territories. Limited service is available in Alaska.

Sirius ST1 Starmate

The StarMateT transportable SIRIUS tuner takes compact, plug-and-play technology straight from the heavens. The SIRIUS StarMate is easy to use, with its large LCD display, jog tuning button, and 30 station presets. You can program the StarMate to alert you when your favorite song or sports game is playing on another channel, and you can even search for your favorite song or team at any time. A complete vehicle docking kit is included, with windshield mounting arm and micro antenna, and the built-in wireless FM transmitter sends satellite audio to any nearby radio for hassle-free installation. There's even a direct audio output that can also be used to connect a pair of headphones. A wireless remote control and tiny magnetic mount antenna are also included. The compact StarMate receiver slips easily in and out of the vehicle mounting arm or optional home docking kit to provide high quality satellite radio service anywhere your busy lifestyle takes you. SIRIUS is all about the music. Their 65 commercial-free original music streams have been crafted by music lovers to deliver a huge variety of the songs you want with depth and insight, but without advertising, censorship, or corporate agendas... and when you want the latest scores or stock reports, SIRIUS also has 55 world-class news, sports, and entertainment streams that will keep you on top of your game, 24/7. Requires subscription to SIRIUS radio service that starts at $12.95 per month, and may include an activation fee.

Top Questions About the Starmate:

Q1. I want a receiver to use in my car, and to play through my car radio. I have a am fm cd player radio,no cassette. A: Great. TheStarmate works with any FM stereo in your car.

Q2. What is it? Is it just a portable radio, or does it do other functions? A: It is a satellite radio you can use in the Car, Home (with optional kit). That's what it does.


The remote control

I quickly became spoiled by the Starmate's remote control. Since I have the Starmate mounted on the windshield and I'm driving a minivan, it's a bit of a reach. Having a remote control makes it easier — and safer — to make adjustments. All of the buttons on the Starmate are present on the remote control, so operation via remote is just as easy as using the Starmate's controls. The remote control also has a mute button and volume control.

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