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Ascom and Hughes - Thuraya satellite phones

Thuraya handsets are unique in their dual-mode feature and can operate in the
Thuraya satellite network and GSM 900 terrestrial mobile networks

Thuraya is the regional geostationary satellite communications system belonging to the Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. Well-known network operators and investors from the Middle East and Mediterranean region are participating in Thuraya. The satellite network, which has been developed and installed by BOEING, is intended to provide some 2 billion people on three continents with favourably-priced Satellite/GSM telephony services. Thuraya launched its commercial services in the beginning of 2001.

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About Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company

Located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Thuraya is the operator of a regional mobile satellite system and will provide personal communications services based on a geostationary satellite system. This system is intended to cover an area of more than 100 countries in Europe, North and Central Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Thuraya services will include voice, fax, and data services, and will be offered via handheld, vehicular, and fixed terminals to users throughout the coverage area.

What is Thuraya?

Thuraya is a regional mobile satellite system that provides satellite telephone services to a region covering 99 countries. Thuraya’s footprint includes the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, Central Asia, North and Central Africa, and Europe. Thuraya offers satellite-based telephony through a dynamic mobile phone that combines satellite, GSM & GPS.

Designed for a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, Thuraya’s satellite is in geo-synchronous orbit, positioned 36,000 km above the earth at 44 degrees east above the equator, which roughly is above the African country of Somalia.

The Thuraya system includes a spare ground satellite that may be launched at a later date as a back up and a third that could be used to expand system capacity.

Its Primary Gateway is situated in Sharjah, UAE, and acts as the operation centre for the mobile satellite system.

How does it work?

We will now discuss some topics that will help you getting started with your Thuraya satellite telephone.

Thuraya Handsets

Thuraya mobile phones function as both cellular and satellite phones providing service in areas where many cellular and landlines may never go. This allows you to stay in touch from virtually anywhere with reliable voice and data services.

Thuraya Ascom Phone 21

Ascom 21

21 is the Dual-Mode Satellite/GSM Mobile Phone that has been developed by Ascom. The phone works both in GSM networks as well as in satellite networks. Whenever a GSM network is not available, the mobile phone immediately switches over to satellite operation. More about ascom-21 ...

Thuraya Telit Phone 550

Hughes HNS 7100

Satellite, cellular (GSM) service and GPS in a single dual mode handset that is lightweight, elegant and easy to use. The world-class satellite phone HNS-7100 connects you to the world without making you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world. More about hns 7100...

Telit Thuraya Phone 600

Hughes 7101

The dual-mode SAT-600 combines the functionality of GSM 900 and the advantages of satellite. Voice and data ready, this is one of the most advanced mobile satellite phones ever produced. For use in Europe, Australia and other countries with GSM 900 networks. More about HNS 7101 ...

Thuraya Ericsson Phone R290

Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit (FDU2500)

Thuraya's Fixed Docking Unit (FDU) , the home/office docking product allows the usage of the Thuraya phone in an indoor environment such as home or office. The FDU complements the Thuraya phone by extending its operations and functionalities inside buildings. More about FDU-2500 ...

Thuraya SG-2520

SmartPhone SG2520

Thuraya introduces breakthrough technology in its new satellite smart phone, setting the standard for the industry today. sg2520 is World's First Satellite Smartphone. huraya introduces breakthrough technology in its new satellite smart phone, setting the standard. More about SG 2520 Smartphone ...

Thuraya Phone SO-2510

SatPhone SO2510

Thuraya introduces breakthrough technology in the new Thuraya SatPhone, setting the standards for the smallest and most robust satellite handset in the industry. The Thuraya SO-2510 satellite phone is one of the best communication options for your work or travel in the Middle East, Africa, Central or East Asia. More about SO 2510 Satphone ...

thuraya-xt satphone

Thuraya XT

XT is the next generation satellite handset. Thuraya-XT is designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions. Thuraya XT is a small, rugged handheld satellite phone with GmPRS capability, Fax and 9.6 kbps data. The Thuraya XT is a great choice for those who need reliable connectivity in the Eastern Hemisphere. More about XT thuraya satellite phone ...

Whether you're in need of a satellite-based mobile phone for travel or a fixed phone for remote but economical on-site communication, Thuraya offers world-class products and services, including high quality voice, roaming and Short Messaging Service (SMS), and later in the year 2000 positioning, asynchronous dial-up fax and data services up to 9,600 bps. Thuraya's mobile satellite phones, only slightly larger than traditional cellular phones, are built by three of the world's top wireless manufacturers, Ericsson, Qualcomm and Telit. These phones are multi-mode and work with terrestrial AMPS, CDMA, or GSM networks, as well as the Thuraya satellite network. Fixed phone options include models manufactured by Ericsson and Qualcomm, and public payphones, built by Schlumberger. A wide assortment of accessories is also available for increased freedom in the field, in your car or on your boat.

Thuraya concept, implementation/technology


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  • About Thuraya System

    Thuraya is a consortium of leading international telecommunications companies originally established in 1991. The Thuraya system is designed to provide high quality satellite-based services to a broad range of users, including:

    Thuraya meets the needs of cellular users who roam outside of coverage areas, people who work in remote areas where terrestrial systems do not exist, residents of under-served markets who can use Thuraya's fixed-site phones to satisfy their needs for basic telephony, and international travelers who need to keep in constant touch. The Thuraya constellation consists of 48 LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) satellites, with an additional four satellites in orbit as spares, and operates at an altitude of 876 miles (1414 km) in space.

    Thuraya Global Coverage

    Thuraya Satellites

    The Thuraya satellite is simple and proven. Each consists of an antenna, a trapezoidal body, two solar arrays and a magnetometer.

    General Characteristics:
  • Total weight - 450kg
  • Number of Spot beams - 16
  • Power - 1100W
  • Lifetime - 7.5 years
  • Allocated frequencies: Direction Frequency
  • Thuraya Phone-Satellite 1610-1625,5MHz
  • Satellite-Thuraya Phone 2483,5-2500MHz
  • Satellite-Gateway 6875-7055MHz
  • Gateway-Satellite 5091-5250MHz
  • The satellites are placed in eight orbital planes of six satellites each, inclined at 52 degrees to provide service on Earth from 70 degrees North latitude to 70 degrees South.

    Thuraya satellite phone

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