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   Tivoli Audio SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Tivoli AUDIO
 SIRIUS Satellite Radio

            Tivoli Audio Sirius tabletop radio

For more casual home or office use, a stylish table radio is an excellent option. Tivoli Audio, makers of the popular Model One radio, has the Tivoli Audio Sirius radio, which combines the looks and performance of the Model One with a Sirius satellite tuner. The Tivoli addresses one of the main complaints about satellite radios with its large, easy-to-read display.

   Tivoli Audio - Sirius Radio Service

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is more than 120 channels of 100% commercial-free music, world-class sports, news, talk and information. You get this amazing service because SIRIUS delivers content and quality that AM/FM radio doesn't have and can't offer from original programming to seeing the artist and song that is playing on the display feature. Big and bulky is back--at least when it comes to satellite radio doodads. The $300 Model Sirius from Tivoli Audio will appeal to satellite radio fiends who are looking for a device that can sit in the den or on the kitchen counter, say, and stay there. Slated to ship this fall, the retro-looking radio sports a 4-by-2-inch digital interface, an AM/FM analog tuner, an alarm clock, and a teeny remote control. Homebodies can subscribe to Sirius's satellite service - monthly fees start at $10.

Tivoli Audio introduces the world’s first satellite table radio designed exclusively for home use with SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Tivoli Audio and SIRIUS have joined forces to bring to market an elegantly simple, yet technologically sophisticated satellite radio for home use. The new Model Satellite radio is designed by Tivoli Audio CEO, Tom DeVesto, and is based on the popular, award-winning tuner used in the Tivoli Model One, Two and Three radios and engineered by Audio Hall of Fame member Henry Kloss.

The new Tivoli SIRIUS radio delivers digital quality sound in 65 commercial-free music channels, and over 40 news, sports and entertainment channels. The large LCD is easy to read and provides easy and clear navigation. The radio has pre-sets for your favorite Sirius channels and searches by artist, song, and channel.

The radio features the fine analog tuner designed by Audio Hall of Fame member Henry Kloss, a device that pulls in even weak FM signals, allowing listeners to tune in more stations compared to other costly radios and receivers. SIRIUS is the only place where subscribers can hear the entire NFL season, as well as popular programming from NPR, CNN, FOX News and many others. The radio is housed in a finely crafted furniture grade cherry wood cabinet with taupe metallic faceplate and champagne-toned knobs. It comes with a remote control and a compact indoor/outdoor SIRIUS antenna.

The new Tivoli satellite radio features inputs for other Tivoli Audio components including an optional stereo speaker, Model CD Player and Model Subwoofer. The Model Satellite uses a discrete-component FM tuner technology (GaSa MES-FET mixers) originally developed for cell phones and engineered for the first time in the Model One AM/FM Table Radio previously introduced by Tivoli Audio.

Sirius Tivoli Satellite Radio
Sirius Radio Tivoli Audio Satellites
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Sirius Tivoli Satellite Radio
Satellite Sirius Radio - Tivoli
 Audio Model
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   Product Overview Tivoli Audio Sirius Radio

The Tivoli Audio Model Satellite combines the popular Model One AM/FM table radio with a Sirius Satellite Radio tuner. The small tabletop radio is housed in a finely-crafted, furniture-grade Cherry wood cabinet, with a taupe metallic faceplate and champagne-colored knobs. It includes a wireless remote control for Sirius Satellite tuning purposes only.

AM/FM Radio: The Model Satellite is equipped with the same award-winning, Henry Kloss-designed analog AM/FM tuner as the Model One, Two and Three radios. The tuner features a very high sensitivity, allowing you to tune in more and weaker stations than many other tuners and receivers. The analog tuner uses a geared-down tuning dial for accurate, easy selection of the maximum number of stations.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Sirius Satellite Radio features more than 120 channels of programming beamed coast-to-coast, including 65 channels of commercial-free, digital-quality music, and news, talk, sports, entertainment, and children's programming.

The large, bright, blue-on-black LCD display (2-5/8" x 1-3/8") is easy to read, and provides clear and easy navigation through the Sirius Satellite channels and menus. You can manually adjust the brightness and contrast of the display in the menu, or activate the "Auto Brightness" feature which sets the display brightness based on ambient light. As long as the unit is connected to a power source, the display is always on. When the unit is turned off, the analog or digital clock will be displayed.

Mono/Stereo: Since the radio only has one speaker, its output is mono. For stereo operation, you can connect Tivoli Audio's companion stereo speaker to the back of the radio and move the Mono/Stereo switch to the Stereo position. The left-right balance can be adjusted with the rear panel rotary balance knob.

Internal/External FM Antenna: A rear-mounted Internal/External FM antenna switch allows you to choose between the built-in antenna or a connected external antenna. The unit includes an external AM antenna. The switch has no affect on AM reception.

   Sirius Satellite Features

Service Activation: In order to receive Sirius Satellite programming, you must activate your subscription by contacting Sirius by phone or by logging on to the Sirius website. The AM/FM radio will operate without activating the Sirius service. The clock and alarm functions will also operate without the Sirius subscription, as long as the satellite signals are received through the supplied antenna.

Sirius Reception: The supplied Sirius antenna should be placed in a location that allows it to receive the best signal possible from the orbiting Sirius satellites. For mounting flexibility, the antenna can be placed indoors or outdoors on a horizontal or vertical surface. In some large metropolitan areas, the Sirius signal can be received from terrestrial repeaters, allowing you to mount the antenna indoors. The menu includes signal strength meters for both satellite and terrestrial sources.

Tuning Modes: This unit gives you several ways to tune to your favorite Sirius channels:

  • Category: Scroll through each of the categories (Pop, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, R&B/Urban, Electronic/Dance, Jazz/Standards, Classical, Latin & World) using the "< >" buttons on the front panel or remote control.
  • Channel: Scroll through each channel in numerical order using the Up/Down buttons on the front panel or remote control.
  • Presets: You can store and recall up to 20 channels in preset memory. You can select presets 1 through 5 in each of 4 bands: A, B, C, and D.
  • Direct Tuning (remote control only): Directly tune to a channel by entering the 3-digit channel number.
  • Artist/Song Title: While in the category mode, you can switch the display to show the artist names or titles of currently playing songs.
Sirius Tivoli Satellite Radio
Tivoli Satellite Radio - Sirius
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Remote Controler - Sirius Tivoli Satellite Radio
Tivoli Sirius - Remote Controller
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  Technical Specifications   
  System Features
   Large analog tuner mechanism with 5:1 geared ratio for precise tuning
   Built in FM antenna
   Short External FM antenna input via 75 ohm connection and external AM
   antenna mini jack
   Low end-to-end voice delay
   Flexible dial plan. Subscribtion to SIRIUS required (service available in the
   lower 48 states and Canada)
   Easy installation and commissioning
   Switched axilliary input for use with optional Tivoli Audio Model CD or
   other sources
   Subwoofer output for use with optional Tivoli Audio Model Subwoofer
   Mix input for blending computer audio with AM/FM or Sirius Radio
   Adjustable brightness Blue LCD display panel
   12-volt power input for use in cars, boats and RVs
   Built-in stereo amplifier and tuner with mono/stereo switch for use with
   optional companion speaker
   Rear port for increased bass response
  Mechanical & Environmental
    Dimensions:  8-3/8" W x 4-1/2" H x 5-1/4" D

   Sirius Satellite Radio (Tivoli Audio Model Satellite) - FAQs:

   Sirius Satellite Radio (Tivoli Audio Model Satellite) - Answers:


Radio reception in my area is less than ideal. Will I experience the same problem with the Sirius satellite signal?

Any kind of reception, be it radio, TV, or satellite, has its own challenges and all require experimentation. There are no guarantees, but chances are you will receive the Sirius signal thanks to their three orbiting satellites and multitude of ground repeaters. And the Sirius antenna (included with the Model Satellite) is weather proof for outdoor mounting (if desired) which further improves reception. In general, the Sirius antenna must have an unobstructed view to the sky and be pointed towards Chicago where the signal is strongest.
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Is the Sirius signal available in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico?

Not at this time, however, Sirius is taking steps to become licensed in Canada.
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Why should I subscribe to Sirius instead of the other satellite provider?

See question #14.
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Can I preview the Sirius music channels before I subscribe?

Yes! Log on to for a free 3-day trial.
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If I need a longer Sirius antenna cable, or a specialized Sirius antenna, where can I purchase one?

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I operate a business and wish to buy multiple Model Satellites with multiple Sirius subscriptions. How can I estimate the subscription cost?

Please contact Sirius regarding all commercial-related subscription queries.
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Is there a fee to activate my Sirius subscription?

A nominal activation charge does apply. This fee is cheaper if activation is performed online instead of over the phone. Contact Sirius to learn more.
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How do I activate my subscription?

Tivoli Audio cannot activate your subscription. You must log on to or call 1.888.539.7474. Have a credit card available and be prepared to provide your Model Satellite’s Sirius ID number and the name of the dealer of purchase. A credit check is not required.
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How do I obtain the Model Satellite’s Sirius ID (SID) number?

This number is located in the main menu and is also on a white sticker on the rear of the unit as well as on the side of the carton.
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Am I committed to a contract when I activate my subscription?

Certain Sirius promotions require a commitment, but in general there is no commitment. However, signing-up for a year or more may make you eligible for certain discounts. Contact Sirius for details.
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If I am an existing Sirius subscriber, will my subscription fee be less for adding another subscription for the Model Satellite?

Yes, but additional units can only be activated by calling Sirius, not via the Sirius web site.
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The sound quality of Preview Channel 184 doesn’t seem as good as the other channels. Is that normal?

Yes. This is a perfect example of what Sirius calls "statistical multiplexing", except it is much less notice able on the other channels. Sirius is the only satellite service to allocate more bandwidth to the channels that need it most. Less bandwidth is assigned to the Preview Channel so more can be devoted to the music channels, yielding optimum sound quality. Think of it as all wheel drive for your music!
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Will the Model Satellite receive the other satellite radio service?

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Why did Tivoli Audio partner with Sirius rather than their competition?

There are many reasons, but here are the top 3:

1. Value: Sirius’ monthly programming charge encompasses all of their programming, including their exclusive NBA, NFL, NHL, NPR, original programming, and on-line listening. The other satellite service charges additional fees on top of their standard programming charge for on-line music listening and certain other channels. Sirius also regularly refines their programming to suit their subscribers’ tastes. And in case you haven’t heard, Howard Stern will be joining the Sirius line-up in January 2006. Visit for a complete program guide (programming is subject to change).

2. Sound Quality: We at Tivoli Audio pride ourselves on our high fidelity radios, and the Model Satellite is no exception. Sirius is the only satellite service to use Statistical Multiplexing (see question #12) for optimum sound quality.

3. Coverage: Although there is no guarantee you will receive the Sirius signal, they employ three state-of-the-art satellites (versus two stationary satellites used by their competitor) that use higher geo-synchronous orbits, resulting in better coverage and less reliance on ground repeaters.
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Can certain Sirius channels be "locked out" to prevent younger listeners in my household from accessing them?

Yes, the Model Satellite features a lock system.
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Does the Model Satellite come with a remote control?

Yes. The remote control’s the Sirius portion only, not the AM/FM section.
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Does the Model Satellite have presets?

Yes. There are presets for up to 20 Sirius channels.
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Can I record from the Model Satellite?

Yes. The Model Satellite has a variable analog headphone output which doubles as a record output. It also has an auxiliary input for a CD player, MP3 player, or other device, a mixing input (to mix an auxiliary source, such as a computer, with the Sirius or AM/FM radio), a subwoofer output (for use with Tivoli Audio’s Model Subwoofer), an external AM antenna output (AM antenna included), and an output for Tivoli Audio’s stereo Speaker. For more information regarding the operation of the Model Satellite, consult the owner’s manual on our web site.
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I noticed the Sirius reception signal level tends to change throughout the day. Is this normal?

Yes. Due to the earth’s orbit in conjunction with the satellites’ orbit, the signal can fluctuate.
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I am familiar with Tivoli Audio products. What does the Model Satellite have in common with your other models?

The Model Satellite uses the same full-range speaker and sensitive analog AM/FM Henry Kloss tuner as our acclaimed Model One table radio. Without exception, we feel the sound quality far surpasses that of any satellite radio product on the market. Factor in the furniture-grade wood cabinet and it is also the best-looking satellite radio on the market. The Model Satellite was also awarded a 2005 Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Award.
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Name one cool feature of the Model Satellite.

There are so many, it is hard to name just one, but Song Seek is pretty cool. This feature allows you to store the names of up to 20 of your favorite song titles. Whenever the unit is On and one of these songs is played on a Sirius channel, the screen will alert you and allow you the option to immediately jump to that channel. Consult the owner’s manual to read about all of the Model Satellite’s features.
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Will Tivoli Audio manufacture other Sirius products?

This is our very first entry in the satellite radio arena. We’re very excited to be involved with Sirius and if the Model Satellite proves successful, it is very possible we will develop more non-automotive Sirius products. For all other Sirius-related questions or for Sirius 24/7 technical support, please consult Sirius or call 1-888-539-7474.
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Tivoli Sirius Satellite Radio Users's Manual
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