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One complete solution for all your eLearning, Collaboration and Web Conferencing needs. Web Meetings Virtual Classroom Voice Conferencing Web Seminars VoIP Webcasts Record and Reuse Enterprise Conferencing Enterprise Conferencing Today's corporations are faced with many communications challenges. Bringing real-time collaboration to every employee, partner and customer is a daunting task. Point products, such as conference calls, VoIP, virtual classes, instant messaging, and web meetings, cannot meet the demands of the enterprise. ServicePoint's Interwise Multimedia Communications solution brings real-time multimedia communications to the enterprise. Combining voice, rich interactive content, and streaming video, ServicePoint's solution solves the immediate requirements of individual business units, while scaling to meet the larger demands of the extended enterprise. and scalability of broadband by satellite at a surprisingly affordable price. Now there is a faster, better, easier way to work and to play at your PC.

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  • Effective collaboration requires more than just a conference call or a web meeting. Supporting collaboration needs that range from 1-on-1 meetings to broadcast-to-thousands events, ECP Connect offers six types of interactive experiences from one platform and one interface. ?? Meetings - Launch meetings quickly and easily for sales demos, customer presentations, and ad hoc collaboration - in any situation where you can't (or don't need to) be there in person. ?? Virtual Classroom - Reach students around the world for facilitated small-group learning, skills training, certification, etc. ?? Web Seminars - Build awareness, transfer knowledge, and market your programs through largegroup presentations. ?? Web Broadcasts - Reach very large groups of employees, customers, and partners quickly and easily to build understanding of core concepts or simply to communicate more frequently in times of opportunity or challenge. ?? Voice Conferencing - Fully integrated, all-IP voice conferencing, with user's choice of audio device - voice-over-the-computer, traditional telephone, cell phone, or IP Phone - all in the same event. ?? Record and Reuse - Capture live meetings or events for those unable to attend, pre-record subject matter experts, create "canned" skills-training modules and presentations that are available anywhere, anytime via internal libraries or public-facing portals.


    Microsoft® Office Live Meeting - Web Conferencing Service from Microsoft


    Affordable Web conferencing and collaboration. No monthly fees. Free trial.

    OnStream Media is a leading provider of webcast, webconference, digital asset management and content publishing services specializing in online audio and video corporate communications.

    More companies choose Interwise for enterprise-class Web, voice and video conferencing. Put unlimited, fixed price conferencing on every desktop. Get a free Gartner report on CIO plans.

    HQ web conferencing in professional office environments. Get 50% off your next meeting when you reserve today. Large public videoconference network with 750 locations in 60 countries.

    Download a demo and see conferencing at some of its best. AT&T Web Meeting adds a visual dimension to audio conferences. Broadcast documents, get participant feedback and be more productive.

    Sprint has the infrastructure in place to meet all your business conferencing needs. From one company. Today.

    Use Web Conferencing Free from WebEx

    Start using WebEx today - it's easy Benefit from on-demand web meetings from WebEx now, with no significant up-front costs, no servers to maintain, and no software to install or support. With just a web browser and a telephone, you can start using WebEx today. Take a tour now or sign up for a free trial.

    Web Conferencing Classroom

    Dr. Jane Waterman conducts a session on the tundra last year. The live broadcast reached 732 top science students at the Orlando Science Center. They have been successful in having field scientists teach live classes from the tundra via Web casts. The classes allow students to have one-onone conversations with scientists. The Web casts help students understand the problems facing polar bears; they also raise student awareness of the importance of the Arctic and the Subarctic and the role these regions play in the health of our planet. In addition, they provide students with a window into the world of a research scientist. They are now in the third year of this innovative program. Last year almost 1,000 students participated via live Web casts. This year they will have participants from the Orlando Science Center, Roger Williams Park Zoo, The Maryland Zoo, Oregon Zoo, Alaska Zoo, Toledo Zoo, the Winnipeg School District, and Sea World Australia. The sessions will be available on the Web site via archived video tapes, thus reaching an even wider audience. A target is to have 1,600 direct participants and over 30,000 viewers via their Web site.