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Motorola Satelite Phone
Iridum Motorola 9500

Iridium satellite phone rental rates should be easy to find and does that for you. Due to our objectivity, this has been rated as the #1 satellite phone rental rates comparison site by for two years in a row. We constantly analyze over 350 different satellite phone rental plans and rank them based on an unbiased scoring system. Below you will find the top long distance satellite phone carriers with the lowest long distance satellite phone rates. You could save up to 70%! Check out our satellite phone FAQ.  

Only need Satellite Phone service for a short amount of time? Iridium Satellite Rental is the answer. Whether you are taking a World cruise, or hike in Tibet, or Safari in the Sahara, Iridium will have you covered. The Best Iridium Satellite Phone Rental Rates Guaranteed.

Are you traveling to areas where there is no cellular coverage: in remote areas, like in the desert, on the top of mountains or out at sea? HighSpeedSat will help you to find the best supplier of Iridium satellite pager and phone rental. Iridium is a satellite system that allows calls to be made and received anywhere in the world.

Iridium Satelite Phone
Iridum Motorola 9505

Iridium Satelite Phone Dock
Iridium 9570 Portable Docking

  Company Daily Weekly Monthly Security Deposit

World Rate Per Minute

Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - SatellitePhoneStore
 40$ (Motorola 9500, Kyocera 66-SS) 

 90$ (Motorola 9505)

 40$ (Motorola 9500, Kyocera 66-SS)

 90$ (Motorola 9505)

 160$ (Motorola 9500, Kyocera 66-SS) 

190$ (Motorola 9505)

 950$ (Motorola 9500, Kyocera 66-SS)

 1300$ (Motorola 9505)

1.39$/Min- 1.80$/Min  98.5
ALL Iridium Rentals Also Get: FREE - 3 EXTRA DAYS; FREE - 2nd Battery; Notes: No daily minimum of usage required – you pay for what you use. Home Rate: The entire World, From anywhere to anywhere. Coverage: Iridium is the ONLY phone with true Global coverage.
Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - SatPhoneStore
 15$ 40$  160$ Call  1.75$/Min  98.1
The Iridium 9500 offers clear voice and data services through Global Satellite technologies. This rental phone is ideal for those who regularly drift in and out of the reach of cellular service. The Iridium Sat Phone offers : 
World wide coverage No Roaming Charges: $1.75 per min. Free incoming E-mail and Voice Mail 3 Day Grace Period for returns! Shipping low as $14 9505 Upgrade $4
Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - RoadPost
6$ 90$  300$  Call  1.99$/Min  96.2
Coverage from Pole to Pole, including all oceans, airways and landmasses. Free incoming calls anywhere in the world Includes voicemail, text messaging & call forwarding Next business-day delivery Rental kit includes  easy to use phone adapters and accessories for all your destinations business cards for your contacts printed with your Roadpost phone number pre-paid courier pack for return Based on stock availability, your rental may include the Iridium 9500 in place of the 9505. This alternate model, offers similar functionality to the 9505
Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - Delta Wave Communications
Delta Wave Communications
 n/a 60$  185$  Call  1.75$/Min 95.4

Iridium satellite service is the only service which provides true global coverage, including the polar regions.
With optional data adapter, it is suitable for e-mail connectivity at 2400bps. All Rentals Include : Motorola 9505 Iridium satellite phone with battery DC Cigarette Charger AC Charger (100-240VAC) International Plug Kit Hands Free Operation Vehicular Antenna and Adapter Pelican 1200 Case RS232 Adapter

Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - vodapfone
 9$  n/a   n/a  1600$   2.5$/Min 95.2

Vodashop Rentafone offers you the most competitive Satellite Phone rental rates in the South Africa. The Motorola 9505 satellite mobile phone is smaller, lighter and more resistant to water, dust and shock than ever before, and is ideal for industrial or rugged conditions, yet is appealing to the traveling professional. The handset uses the Iridium Satellite System, which is the only provider of truly global, truly mobile satellite solutions with complete coverage of the Earth (including oceans, airways and polar regions). 

Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - PhoneRentalUSA
 30$ 80$  190$ Call  1.89$/Min 95.2
We offer Iridium satellite phone rentals for travelers in need of communication throughout some of the world's most remote locations. Business travelers, government agencies and individuals utilize our satellite phone rentals where cellular coverage is poor or nonexistent such as dense forest, tropical islands, ocean travel, deserts, underdeveloped countries, safari, etc. Now, wherever life takes you, you'll have the ability of reliable, portable communication anywhere, anytime.Satellite phone rental includes VoiceMail, free incoming calls and a complete accessory pack. All of Phonerental’s satellite phone rental solutions include 24 Hour Global Support, 365 days a year.
Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - Globalcom
 n/a  59$     195$ 1300$  1.99$/Min 95.2

Iridium Phone Terms and Conditions: All leases subject to Terms and Conditions of the Iridium Lease Agreement and do not include shipping, insurance, security deposits and handling of leased terminals to customer location. Customer is responsible for any Iridium satellite phone importations fees if applicable. The Iridium phone does not charge any daily or rental minimums. If you don't use the telephone, you will only be charged the rental fee.

8 Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - BlueCosmo


8$ 60$   200$ 1000$  1.89$/Min 94.6

The Motorola Satellite Series ™ Phones provides global, reliable voice and data. Iridium Satellite provides solutions for individuals who work and play in areas outside of cellular network coverage, or in places with poor landline services. Satellite calls can be routed directly from the satellite phone to the Iridium satellites orbiting the earth. With service from Iridium you get truly global coverage at one set per minute price.

9 Iridium Satellite Phone Rental - WCC

World Communication Centre

25$  100$   250$ 525$ 1.84/Min 93.2

Rental Information : If you need a satellite phone or pager on specific occasions, you may consider renting from WCC. WCC's quality Iridium Satellite Series™ phones, pagers, and accessories can assist your short-term need, and include the comfort of LIVE WCC customer care 24 hours a day. Renting is also a great way to try out a phone or pager before deciding to buy one.

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