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Satellite Internet Connection - Dominican Republic

  Satellite Internet Connection for Home Worker 

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We were contracted to provide a leading software developer access to the Internet connection via satellite from his Caribbean home in Cabarete - Dominican Republic, so that he could keep in touch with his business located in Central Vancouver.

Following a detailed survey of his residence and an analysis of his needs, we specified and installed a DW6000 Direcway two-way satellite Internet system and a wireless network using 802.11g technology. The DW6000 satellite Internet System used in the installation is coupled to 2 Wireless Access points giving full wireless coverage throughout the 2 floors the residence and surrounding areas. By subscribing to a residential grade of satellite Internet service the satellite link give more than an adequate service and meets the needs of this user and his family and guests.

Always in touch in every location this successful individual can communicate at his will and has his finger on the pulse of his business.

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If you live in a remote region or an island and there just isn't cable or DSL access available to your home, then Satellite is going to be your best (any probably only) option for getting high speed Internet. While satellite access will usually be more expensive to get then either cable or DSL, the level of service is just as good. The speed of satellite Internet is comparable to other high speed Internet services, and just like DSL and cable, its always on.

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