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DirecWayT DW7740 scalable, high-performance broadband satellite router with integrated VoIP

Voice over IP router 7740 supports high speed data and voice traffic at the same time.

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Featuring 2 VoIP ports combined with 2 broadband LAN ports, Model DW7740 supports simultaneous voice and high-speed data applications from one integrated platform. Unit automatically reserves bandwidth on call-by-call basis, providing quality voice without dropped packets. DW Network Operations Center routes voice calls via voice gateway to PSTN, or to PBX for internal enterprise voice traffic.

The DW7740, part of HNS' DW7000 family, is a high-performance broadband satellite router with Voice over IP (VoIP) designed to provide both integrated VoIP capabilities, as well as high-speed access for the large enterprise, government, and small/medium enterprise (SME) markets.

Recognizing the worldwide demand by enterprises for ever increasing amounts of bandwidth and the need for high-quality VoIP connectivity, the DW7740 has been designed to provide unsurpassed performance for even the most bandwidth-intensive applications. With support for two simultaneous LAN subnets as well as two simultaneous twowire FXS analog voice ports, the DW7740 has the flexibility to handle a wide range of enterprise IP networking requirements.

DW7740 Applications

VoIP router dw 7740 is the latest addition to Direcway family of high performance satellite broadband routers. Introduced at the Satellite 2006 conference and exhibition, the DW7740

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features two Voice over IP (VoIP) ports combined with two broadband LAN ports, enabling international service operators to deliver a flexible range of voice and high-speed data services from a single, compact, integrated platform.

Customers have been asking for more cost-effective rural telephony, e-governance, and kiosk-based services. "The DW7740 is in response to that demand. It operates with all DW systems and supports simultaneous voice and high-speed data applications from one integrated and cost-effective platform, making it ideal in rural and remote settings.

The DW7740 enables applications such as:

The DW7740 operates with all DW systems and uses the industry standards DVB-S and DVB-S2. As a result, the DW7740 can be configured easily to support a wide range of downstream data rates by selecting different modulation, symbol, and FEC coding rates. The downstream is scalable up to 90 Mbps and the upstream return channel is scalable up to 1.6 Mbps. The DW7740 provides an integrated broadband LAN solution to Windows®, UNIX®, Apple® Macintosh®, and other platforms running IP over Ethernet. The power of the DW7740 allows the same platform to scale as the need for higher speed business applications grows, protecting the customer's investment well into the future.

Equipment Details

Implementing either the G.729AB 8 kbps or G.723.1 5.3/6.3 kbps voice codec with echo cancellation, voice activity detection, and comfort noise generation, the DW7740 offers

Make the calls with Dw7740 and USB phone

superior quality telephony integrated with broadband IP support. VoIP support has been optimized for use with the DW system as the DW7740 will automatically reserve bandwidth on a call-by-call basis, thereby providing high-quality voice without dropped packets. The DW system also facilitates short call set-up times - typically less than four seconds-and low end-to-end delay inside the DW system. Transmission efficiency is further improved by compressing the voice packets. The DW Network Operations Center (NOC) routes voice calls to the PSTN via an H.323 voice gateway. The voice gateway performs the conversion from the H.323 protocol and the PSTN signaling. A gatekeeper provides the address resolution between the DW7740 and multiple voice gateways.

Lightning fast peformance

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Skype and dw7740

For IP data packets, the DW7740 satellite router passes packets to and from any IP device on the LAN and has much of the functionality of an IP router. The DW7740 incorporates HNS' advanced Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) feature, which increases throughput performance and maximizes the user's experience and satisfaction. The DW7740 also supports HNS' TurboPage® feature, providing HTTP acceleration for lightning fast browser performance and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features to ensure that applications get the priority and bandwidth they require.

Table: Hughes DW 7740 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Physical Interfaces: Two 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN RJ45 ports Two FXS 2-wire RJ-11 telephone ports
Satellite & Antenna Specifications:
Outbound trans. format: DVB-S, DVB-S2
Information Rate (Receive or DW Outbound Channel): Up to 90 Mbps (DVB-S2)
Information Rate (Transmit or DW Inbound Channel): Up to 1.6 Mbps
Symbol Rate (Receive): 1, 1.25, 2.5, 5-30 Msps (in 1 Msps steps)
Symbol Rate (Transmit): 128, 256, 512, 1024 ksps
Encoding (Receive): DVB-S Convolutional with concatenated Reed Solomon; DVB-S2 LDPC
Encoding (Transmit): Turbocode FEC 1/2, 2/3, and 4/5
Frequency Range: Ku-band, C-band and Ka-band
Modulation (Receive): QPSK, 8PSK (DVB-S2)
Modulation (Transmit): OQPSK
Bit Error Rate (Receive): 10 -10 or beter
Bit Error Rate (Transmit): 10 -7 or better
Antenna: 74cm oval, 89 cm, 98 cm, 120 cm, 180 cm
Radio: 1 and 2 watt Ku-band, 2 Watt C-band,
1, 2, and 3-1/2 Watt Ka-band
Mechanical & Environmental:
Weight (IDU): 4.8 lbs (2.18 kg)
Dimensions (IDU): 11.5" W x 1.8" H x 11" D
(29.21 cm W x 4.7 cm H x 27.94 cm D)
Operating Temperature: IDU: 0º C - +40º C
ODU: -30ºC - +55ºC
Input Power: Input power 90-264 VAC, 50-60Hz AC
DC power supply (optional) 12 to 24 V DC

Documentation and Manuals

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System Configuration
Data Sheet

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DW7740 voip direcway router
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