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DW4030 provides serial data connectivity
with high performance delivery of IP traffic

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The DW4030 is a cost-effective satellite terminal simultaneously providing serial data connectivity along with high performance delivery of accelerated IP traffic to large corporations, small/medium enterprises (SMEs), and small office/home offices (SOHOs) alike. With simultaneous support of serial data and IP over Ethernet, the DW4030 is the perfect solution for integrating legacy serial devices within an IP network. Thus, the DW4030 provides a smooth transition path for users who want to upgrade serial legacy networks to IP, as well as providing an effective way to integrate standalone serial devices into an IP environment.

Based on the highly successful DW4020 terminal and supporting all of the same IP networking features including IP acceleration, the DW4030 terminal integrates seamlessly into existing DIRECWAY networks. The DW4030 terminal supports up to four serial ports, which can be used to connect such devices as credit card scanners, SCADA terminals, lottery terminals, or gas station pump controllers. Serial protocols over these interfaces are "spoofed" (terminated locally) by the DW4030 terminal to provide good performance over the satellite link. Supported serial protocols include SDLC, X.25, and a variety of asynchronous protocols for credit card devices and environmental controllers. One of the ports can be configured for Automatic DialBackup, thereby providing option for virtual 100% availability.

The DW4030 terminal is a self-hosted, standalone networking unit. In addition to serial data support, the DW4030 performs many of the functions of a typical IP router, thereby eliminating the need for a separate external router. Router functions performed by the unit include IP routing using RIPV1, RIPV2, or static IP addresses; DHCP server; Network Address Translation (NAT); and firewall using filters. In addition, by implementing HNS' HTTP Performance Enhancement Proxy (HPEP) feature, the terminal is able to greatly enhance IP performance over satellite through such features as header compression and acknowledgment reduction. The HPEP feature minimizes latency over the space link and accelerates performance so that data can be delivered quickly to the user.

The DW4030 works within a DIRECWAY system by receiving and transmitting data through the terminal's antenna and outdoor electronics to the DIRECWAY Network Operations Center (NOC) where connectivity to the Internet or intranet is achieved. TCP connections can be initiated to or from hosts at the remote locations. Users' intranet communications are secure and isolated from other enterprise intranets and from remotes accessing the "public" Internet operating in the same network. With DIRECWAY, corporate intranets can be extended to remote locations without raising concerns about security. The DIRECWAY network incorporates multiple security mechanisms, conditional access, and encryption to ensure the privacy of information.

DIRECWAY® DW4030 Terminal Key System Features

Based on the highly successful DW4020 terminal it provides serial data connectivity supporting all of the same IP networking features including IP acceleration:

Upgrade HNS Satellite Network With DW4030

DIRECWAY services - the
latest broadband IP services

With dw4030 you can upgrade your existing HNS satellite network to a Direcway broadband satellite solution. This will will enable your company to:

HNS supplies with its new generation DW4030 broadband satellite terminals that incorporate an integrated serial appliance. These terminals provide continued support of existing serial-based, credit processing networks, while upgrading throughput and performance for new browser-based, back-office applicatons. The ability to support both high bandwidth and low speed, serial applications in the same terminal is a key factor in the decision to choose a Direcway solution. Many companies are pleased that HNS had a solution for them as they implement their new point-of-sale system, which requires true broadband capability. We are confident that Direcway will be a key success factor in their broadband initiatives.

Table: Hughes DW 4030 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Data Protocol Support:
Serial Protocols: Veriphone 3200 (VISA) – IP
Veriphone 3300 (VISA) – IP
SDLC (PU2/PU2.1) – SDLC (PU4)
SDLC (PU2/PU2.1) – LLC
XPAD – X.25
X.25 – X.25
DSPAD – X.25
LAN Connection: Compatible with any OS running IP over Ethernet
Browsers: Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher
Netscape Navigator 4.0 and higher
Internet Applications: All common TCP/IP applications
Physical Interfaces:
Synchronous: Two RS-232 synchronous/asynchronous serial ports (DB-25F)
Asynchronous: Two RS-232 asynchronous serial ports (DB-9F)
Ethenrnet: One 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN RJ45 port
Data Rate Specifications (Serial Data Rates):
Synchronous: 1,200 - 64,000 (bps)
Asynchronous: 1,200 - 56,000 (bps)
Satellite Antenna Power:
Ku-band: 1.0 and 2.0 Watt
Mechanical & Environmental:
Shipping Weight: 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)
Unit Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Dimensions: 1.8 W x 9.5 H x 10.5 D (inches)
4.6 W x 24.1 H x 26.7 D (cm)
Operating Temperature: 41–104° F
5–40° C
Input Power: 100–240 V ~ 1A max
50–60 Hz
15 W typical

DW4030 Product Sheet

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System Configuration
Data Sheet

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DW4030 Series System
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