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Thuraya 21 satellite phone

Thuraya - Ascom 21 satellite mobile phone is used for transmitting voice, data and
fax via the GSM-900 and the Thuraya satellite network and to utilize the GPS facilities. zoom in Ascom 21 satellite phone

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Thurya's ascom 21 is a new generation mobile phone combining satellite (SAT), GSM-900 (Global System for Mobile communication at 900 MHz) and GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies. This provides you with the advantages of three technologies in one single mobile phone. Its operation in satellite mode is virtually identical to that of GSM mode. Operations that you may be familiar with using a typical GSM mobile phones will work in a very similar manner when you are using the Thuraya satellite service. There are, however, a few specific differences between GSM and Satellite operation.

When the mobile phone is idle on the satellite system and has good signal strength, calls can be received without the need of extending the antenna. However, when a satellite call is answered or initiated the antenna must be pulled out entirely. Watch the signal strength indicator on the display and move the mobile phone for best connection quality. Satellite calls require the mobile phone to have a clear open surroundings with no obstruction. The presence of obstacles such as buildings, trees or mountains between the mobile phone and the satellite will generally prevent communication. To maintain good call quality, it is also important that the mobile phone's antenna be pointed roughly in the direction of the satellite.

Ascom 21 in the box satphone thuraya ascom 21 in the box

The Thuraya system features a ’High Power Alerting’ capability that allows you to be notified of incoming calls even when your mobile phone has poor signal coverage. When the mobile phone receives a High Power Alerting signal it will alert you with an ’early ring’ and a special display message.

To answer the call, you must immediately extend the antenna and move the mobile phone into a position that has a clear ’line of sight’ to the satellite. When this has occurred the mobile phone display will change, prompting you to answer the call and proceed with conversation. If the call is not answered promptly after the High Power Alerting signal is received, the calling party will be diverted to voice mail and/or an announcement stating that you are not available to answer.

The ASCOM-21 also comes with a built-in modem for connections to the Internet or private data networks. When connected to a PC or personal digital assistant (PDA), the ASCOM-21 allows either asynchronous or packet data links for e-mail, web browsing or other data applications at a rate of 9.6 kbps.

Thuraya on Himalaya

Thuraya on Himalaya satphone thuraya ascom 21 in the box

Just like GSM, the satellite coverage area is divided into many different service regions. The mobile phone searches the network automatically and determines which service region is active by registering its presence with the Thuraya system. If the mobile phone has not been able to update this registration due to a weak signal, the registration information will become out of date or ’stale’. This is indicated on the display by a blinking SAT icon in the left of the signal strength indicator. This condition will clear automatically once signal conditions improve and a call is made or a period of time elapses. You also have the option to speed up that procedure by manually having the mobile phone register with the Thuraya system. This is accomplished with the function SAT Registration in the mobile phone's menu.

Qualcomm Thuraya Satellite Phone

Thuraya sat-phone in
North Africa satphone thuraya ascom 21 in North Africa

Keeping in touch with the office, family or friends couldn't be any easier now with the addition to our range of communication equipment of Qualcomm's Thuraya satellite phone. The handset is slightly larger than a standard mobile phone in size and has a flip face keypad and an extendable antenna, for easy operation and clear reception. Packed into a convenient carry bag with both 240V mains power and 12V car chargers you'll be ready for extended touring and phone access to the world on any of Australia's outback tracks.

Basic charge includes a flat fee for the first week's hire with a reducing daily rate per week after that (see rate card). To that you only need to add your call charges, a statement itemising calls will be forwarded to you usually within 7-14 days post-hire to reconcile your account.

Thuraya is easy to use and provides safety and security if you are travelling independently or when shared amongst a group of friends wanting to keep in touch with home. We have access to numerous handsets to cater for government, industry and commercial needs in addition to individual recreational users.

Satellite Data Kit for ASCOM-21 User Guide

Data services from Thuraya allow you to go beyond the limits of cellular data services. You can attach your satellite phone to a laptop, computer, or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to connect to the Internet and email systems. Users do not have to be limited to using the keys on a phone keypad, and can use all the features and displays of a laptop, computer or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

QUALCOMM Thuraya™ packet data service lets you access the Internet or other TCP/IP packet-switched networks through your QUALCOMM Thuraya™ ASCOM-21 Portable Tri-Mode Phone. This User Guide provides detailed descriptions on how to configure and use the Satellite Data Kit with your PC, Macintosh, or UNIX computer or PDA.

Thuraya System

The Ascom 21 is 3 devices in 1: Satellite phone, SIM-Unlocked GSM cell phone and Global positioning system (GPS) all packed into a lightweight, 8 ounce frame. Operating in standard dual-mode this satellite phone is capable of operating on local GSM cell phone networks, at a reduced calling rate, and then seamlessly transferring to the Thuraya satellite network when outside of a local wireless service area. This flexibility ensures continuous and cost-effective roaming for users across the Thuraya coverage footprint

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Having a Thuraya satellite phone is just like having a SIM unlocked GSM cellular phone. Your Thuraya service can roam on local cellular networks but replace the removable Thuraya SIM card with a local prepaid SIM card and you will then be on a local network paying local rates, not the Thuraya roaming rate.

Your satellite phone also offers “GPS distance and direction display” as a standard feature in its mobile phone. This extremely resourceful feature makes Thuraya’s GPS function similar to any commercial GPS receiver.

The Ascom 21 satellite phone includes an AC Power Adapter, International plug adapters, a Lithium-Ion battery, and a Multi-lingual manual.

There is a choice of three handsets to operate on the Thuraya system, either the Ascom 21 or Hughes 7100 and newest Hughes 7101.

The Handsets are a small, lightweight and user friendly design with features familiar with most modern GSM telephones. Unlike other Satellite telephones the antenna is retractable into the body of the telephone offering a smaller package when not in use. Thuraya has the unique facility of High Power Alerting, which means that when the telephone has registered and is then taken inside it can be alerted to an incoming call, subject to signal strength. The user will then have to move outside to accept the call.

A number of accessories are available for use with the handsets in addition to the Data kit; including an In-Vehicle hands free kit and a Fixed Docking Adapter for use in buildings and remote structures, such as Oil Rigs. A solar charger can be used where alternative power sources are not present.

Ascom Thuraya Satellite Phone

Thuraya is easy to use and provides safety and security if you are traveling independently or when shared amongst a group of friends wanting to keep in touch with home. We have access to numerous handsets to cater for government, industry and commercial needs in addition to individual recreational users.

Table: Thuraya Ascom 21 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications:
Operating Frequency: 1616 - 1626.5 MHz, L-Band
Duplexing Method: Time Division Duplex(TDD)
Multiplexing Method: TDMA/FDMA (GSM)
Link Margin: 15.5 dB average
Power: 0.57 Watts average
CEIRP Average: -1.9 dBW
Sensitivity: -117.9 dBm
TX Spurs General EIRP: -60 dBW
TX Spurs GNSS 1559-1605 MHz EIRP: -80 dBW
TX Noise GNSS 1559-1650 MHz EIRP: -70 BW/MHz
Mechanical & Environmental:
Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.18 kg)
Dimensions: 11.5"W x 1.8"H x 11"D
(29.21cm W x 4.7cm H x 27.94cm D)
Operating Temperature: -30ºC - 40ºC
Input Power: 90-264V AC, 50-60 Hz
CC power supply: 12 V DC

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