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Thuraya Smart Phone SG 2520

With SG-2520 Thuraya introduces breakthrough technology, setting the
standards for the World’s First Satellite Smartphone zoom in Thuraya SG 2520 Smart Phone

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This sleek and stylish satellite phone combines satellite, tri-band GSM and GPS, with built-in GPRS, MMS and JAVA features. The GPRS feature allows an always-on access to internet. Users will be able to download and upload information using GPRS capabilities in the Thuraya satellite network anywhere in the coverage area, as well as on the GSM mode.

thuraya telephone in the box

SG-2520 telephone in the hand thuraya-smartphone-sg-2520

Description Thuraya introduces breakthrough technology in its new satellite smart phone, setting the standard for the industry today. The new generation Thuraya handset is powerful and sleek in design and comes packed with more innovative features than any other satellite-based product. With Thuraya’s new satellite phone, you can enjoy uninterrupted satellite telecommunication services in more than 110 nations in Europe, North, Central Africa and large parts of Southern Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia. Thuraya’s new SmartPhone opens up the boundaries in communication, enabling you to go even further. Thuraya Smart phone Thuraya SmartPhone is an advanced smart phone using cutting edge satellite technology. Its superiority is reflected in the three integrated technologies in one handset: satellite, GSM and GPS offering users an unmatched combination of quality and performance.

thuraya telephone in the box

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Sleek and Stylish A phone offering style, features and enduring quality, Thuraya SG-2520 has been designed with the discerning and demanding user in mind. Thuraya SmartPhone is for professionals, VIPs, entrepreneurs, travellers and media people who need satellite connectivity that combine all the new features that come in today’s high-tech phones. It is indeed an essential communication tool for high profile users in search of performance, personal style and the need for absolute dependability. GSM Tri-band Thuraya SmartPhone is the only satellite tri-band phone in the market that provides connectivity on GSM mode in all five continents.Thuraya’s tri-band GSM feature allows operation on three different types of GSM networks: 900, 1800 and1900 MHz offering greater flexibility in high traffic GSM environments with increased phone usability and voice quality in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. Feature Rich With Thuraya SmartPhone, a dual mode satellite phone is no longer a bulky handset to carry around. At 180 grams, Thuraya SmartPhone is the world’s smallest dual mode satellite phone, fully equipped with distinctive features such as a built-in camera and a high-resolution colour screen.

Thuraya System

thuraya telephone in the box

SG-2520 telephone in the box thuraya-smartphone-sg-2520

Thuraya introduces breakthrough technology in its new SG-2520 satellite phone, setting the standard for the world’s smartest satellite handset in the in the industry today. With Thuraya’s new satellite phone, you can enjoy uninterrupted, seamless, border-to-border satellite telecommunication services in more than 110 nations. Thuraya SG-2520 is the only dual mode satellite Tri-band phone that provides connectivity on GSM mode in all 5 continents. Thuraya’s Tri-band GSM feature allows operation on 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM networks and in area with no GSM coverage provides connectivity on Thuraya satellite network.

Thuraya SG2520 is the first satellite phone supporting data transmission via GmPRS (satellite GPRS) at a speed of 60/15 Kbps.

A superior GPS navigation capability is provided by Thuraya SG2520 that allow users to find locations and reach destinations quickly and safely and memorize up to 25 positions In addition to his unique features, Thuraya SG2520 supports a 1,3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, infrared port and satellite MMS.

Specifications: System Thuraya, tri-band GSM (900, 1800 and 1900 MHz) Enhanced GPS Services GPRS Capabilities Downstream up to 60Kbps Upstream up to 15 Kbps Fax and Data at to 9.6 Kbps (CSD) Messaging SMS, MMS, Email Polyphonic ringtones Phone Memory Built-in 32 MB SD-card memory slot Connectivity USB, Bluetooth, Infrared Operating System – Windows CE Weight 180 g Display 262,000 colors Resolution 128 x 128 pixels (1.5 inch) Battery Time Talk time up to 2.4 hrs Standby up to 50 hrs Language Support English, Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, Urdu and Turkish With Thuraya, you can enjoy uninterrupted, seamless, border-to-border satellite telecommunication services in more than 110 nations in Europe, Africa, the Middles East, Central and South Asia.

thuraya telephone in the box

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Your satellite phone also offers “GPS distance and direction display” as a standard feature in its mobile phone. This extremely resourceful feature makes Thuraya’s GPS function similar to any commercial GPS receiver.

The SG-2520 satellite phone includes an AC Power Adapter, International plug adapters, a Lithium-Ion battery, and a Multi-lingual manual.

There is a choice of three handsets to operate on the Thuraya system, either the SG-2520 or Hughes 7100 and newest Hughes 7101.

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SG-2520 Satoffice fixed docking unit thuraya-smartphone-sg-2520

The Handsets are a small, lightweight and user friendly design with features familiar with most modern GSM telephones. Unlike other Satellite telephones the antenna is retractable into the body of the telephone offering a smaller package when not in use. Thuraya has the unique facility of High Power Alerting, which means that when the telephone has registered and is then taken inside it can be alerted to an incoming call, subject to signal strength. The user will then have to move outside to accept the call.

A number of accessories are available for use with the handsets in addition to the Data kit; including an In-Vehicle hands free kit and a Fixed Docking Adapter for use in buildings and remote structures, such as Oil Rigs. A solar charger can be used where alternative power sources are not present.

Ascom Thuraya Satellite Phone

Thuraya is easy to use and provides safety and security if you are traveling independently or when shared amongst a group of friends wanting to keep in touch with home. We have access to numerous handsets to cater for government, industry and commercial needs in addition to individual recreational users.

Table: Thuraya SG-2520 tech specs
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications:
Operating Frequency: 1616 - 1626.5 MHz, L-Band
Duplexing Method: Time Division Duplex(TDD)
Multiplexing Method: TDMA/FDMA (GSM)
Link Margin: 15.5 dB average
Power: 0.57 Watts average
CEIRP Average: -1.9 dBW
Sensitivity: -117.9 dBm
TX Spurs General EIRP: -60 dBW
TX Spurs GNSS 1559-1605 MHz EIRP: -80 dBW
TX Noise GNSS 1559-1650 MHz EIRP: -70 BW/MHz
Mechanical & Environmental:
Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.18 kg)
Dimensions: 11.5"W x 1.8"H x 11"D
(29.21cm W x 4.7cm H x 27.94cm D)
Operating Temperature: -30ºC - 40ºC
Input Power: 90-264V AC, 50-60 Hz
CC power supply: 12 V DC

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Satellite Smart Phone SG 2520 Documentation and Manuals

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