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Sirius SV1 Sirius One SIRIUS Satellite Radio Receiver (SV1 Sirius One)

SIRIUS ONE radio receiver has been perfected for those looking for the
easiest and least expensive way to get SIRIUS' content into their car

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The SV1 SIRIUS One Satellite Radio receiver is an affordable way for you to start enjoying satellite radio. Generally priced under $40 dollars, it's easy to install and use. Not much bigger than a deck of playing cards, SIRIUS One still includes all the features and accessories you want in a satellite radio receiver.

With the Sirius One SV1 Satellite Radio with Car Kit, you will be able to enjoy the full range of Sirius satellite programming wherever your car takes you. This compact, plug-and-play radio comes with all the car accessories you'll need, including a remote control, and an innovative mounting bracket that offers four different mounting options.

The Sirius SV1 One is a plug-and-play Sirius satellite radio with a built-in wireless FM transmitter that broadcasts Sirius programming over an unused FM frequency in your car tuner. The mounting bracket allows you to mount your SV1 on your car dash or console, windshield, or even on your sun visor. A high-contrast, easy-to-read, one-line 12-character display shows channel name and number, song title, or artist information. The included antenna mounts firmly on your vehicle's roof with its magnetic base.


The SIRIUS One SV1 package makes it easy to get satellite radio in your car. This compact, plug-and-play radio comes with all the car accessories you'll need, and it offers four different

People at the gym ask, "Where
can I get that satellite radio?"

mounting options: visor mount, windshield mount, and sticky-mount for any other suitable surface. Most users chose the windshield mount because the footprint of the SV1 is so small, they could easily place it very close to the button of a windshield and run the wires along the top of the dashboard to avoid them hanging down. But, depending on your vehicle and needs, the other options are good to have.

The innovative mounting bracket gives you the option of placing the SV1 on your dash, console, windshield, or sun visor. The built-in wireless FM transmitter sends the sound to any FM stereo, while the DC adapter plugs into your car's outlet for an easy power connection. The included antenna mounts firmly on your vehicle's roof with its magnetic base.

The display shows you channel name, song title, or artist information you get to select which you'd like to see. When you mount the SV1 on your visor, you can even flip the display for easy reading. You can save 30 channels as presets so your favorites are always within easy reach. The wireless remote gives you and your passengers convenient system control.

What's in the SV1 Box

SV1 Sirius One receiver, remote control, antenna, suction cup mount, visor/dash mount, cigarette lighter power code, installation kit, and user's guide. Magnetic Mount Antenna1- Line

The content of SV1 Box - everything from
remote controller to satellite radio antenna

Character displaybuilt in wireless FM transmitter w/ 100 frequency selections30 Channel presets with preset scanIR remote control. Right out of the box, you'll be able to use it in your vehicle — a car kit (which features a suction-cup mount, a roof-mount antenna, and a DC power adapter) is included in the package.

Review - SV1-SIRIUS-One Satellite Radio Receiver

The SV1 SIRIUS One Satellite Radio receiver is by far the easiest piece of hardware we've used so far. If you hate jumping through hoops and also hate buying products so bloated with features they simply complicate and confuse the basic tasks you want to accomplish SV1 receiver is definitely for you.

The SV1 SIRIUIS One is an entry level satellite radio that does one thing very well: it's turns on and let's you listen to any channel on SIRIUS that you want. That may seem rudimentary, but think about it - do you want a Satellite Radio receiver any more complicated than the current radio in your car? The design is sleek and straight-forward with easy to see and use buttons and display. If you are anxious to see what all that commercial-free music they've been touting is all about, the SV1 SIRIUS One is an affordable entry-level radio.

SIRIUS SV1 Beams Satellite Radio to Every Radio in Your House

"Sirius One", also known as a model "SV-1", not only does it pick up all sort of music, 24/7 and without any commercials, some interesting talk and news, it can also beam it to every radio in your house! Yep, you read that right. You see, the "Sirius One" is intended as a "car" unit. While you can hook it directly into the car radio (or in your PC), it transmits the audio over regular FM radio. By default this is set to 88.1 FM, but can be changed with transmitter presets to allow for quick changes in frequency.

So, when you got this thing going, you can listen in the kitchen, the shower and even in the bathroom. You like the BBC or other international broadcasters ? They got that. You want Spanish programing ? They got that. You want awful dance music- they got that. You want Mojo Nixon ranting and raving ? They even got that. If you can't remember what program you are listening to you can just take a look at the screen to see the artist, song title, channel or show name scroll by. If you are interested, you can get Sirius Satellite Radio via their website. SV1 is also one of the least expensive.

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SV1 One Manual and Sirius Channel Gudie

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Satellite Radio Manual
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