Sea Tel 6009

3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with Ku-Band satellites

The 6009 Ku antenna is our latest innovation in VSAT marine stabilized antenna systems incorporating the latest technology in optimal reflector performance and vertical isolation characteristics.

The platform is designed to withstand the most demanding sea conditions imaginable along with the most versatile mounting configurations for BUC and transceiver options.

A standard RF “TUNED” radome ensures the best RF performing radome in the maritime market. Reliability in design has been the driving force behind this new model with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

The Model 6009 Ku Broadband-at-Sea

The Sea Tel 09 Series utilizes the DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit. The DAC 2202 is a 19” rack mount unit (1.75” tall) featuring:

(3) RS-232/422 Serial Ports; (1) full function M&C and (2) NMEA ports for heading, GPS input and modem compatible, reformatted GPS output; (1) Ethernet port allowing (2) full-function TCP/IP M&C ports; (1) multi-user HTML interface port for setting all DAC parameters and viewing the current DAC status; (1) UDP download port for updating software in the Comm Interface. Remote access capable. Dual Antenna configuration with arbitrator available.


  • Antenna: 1.5m/58in D Ring Focus
  • Radome: 76 Inch (2.01m/79.1in D x 2.01m/78.9in) Frequency Tuned
  • System Weight: 233.6kg/515 lbs (Will vary by RF)
  • Polarized Feed: Linear Cross-pol or Co-pol (selectable from below deck)
  • Waveguide Rotary Joint: Minimizes Tx Path loss. (0.75dB typ.)
  • BUC Options: 8W NJR, 8W & 16W Codan. (Additional options available)
  • Transmit Gain: 45.1dB @ 14.25GHz
  • Receive Gain: 44.0 dB @ 12.5GHz
  • System G/T: 21.9 dB/k (In Radome)
  • Pedestal Type: 3-axis; Level, Cross Level and Azimuth
  • Ship’s Motion: +/-20 degrees Roll; +/-10 degrees pitch
  • Vibration and Shock: IEC 60721-4-6, Mechanical Class 6M3
  • Transmission rate is compatible with many different types of modems, networks and services.
  • IP access to the internet and corporate networks enabling fast downloads of large data files and e-mail.
  • Brake system on EL and CL axes to prevent damage due to loss of power.
  • Minimum threshold for 6009 environmental specifications meets or exceeds the requirements of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Standard for Certificate No. 2.4
  • Efficient spectral use maximizing cost per bandwidth.
  • Easy Stand-alone or network compatible installation.
  • 24/7 customer care and technical support.
  • 1-year parts, 1-year labor

Sea Tel 6009 Documentation and Manuals

Sea Tel 6009 marine satellite data sheet

Download Sea Tel 6009 Data Sheet: